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Treat rabbit flu

Have your doctor perform an operation.If a rabbit has rabbit cold, the body may try to 'block' the infection by creating abscesses (pockets of infection). These abscesses can form in different parts of the body. They must be surgically removed because the material inside is too thick to drain.[17]Here are some things to keep in mind when removing abscesses:[18]
  • Abscesses in rabbits with chronic rabbit cold are difficult to remove because they have had time to spread widely throughout the body.
  • The tissue surrounding the abscess could be dead or just dying. As a result, your vet may need to do more than just remove the abscess.
  • Surgery is only appropriate if the abscesses form outside the body. If lung abscesses form, surgery is not very promising.
  • Your rabbit may need several surgeries to remove all of the abscesses.
  • After the operation, you will have to take care of the wound at home. You have to keep the wound clean and make sure that no infection forms at the incision (swelling, green or yellow discharge).