What does dispersion mean, what often means

Why do I often dream of a boy & comma; that I've been standing lately & comma; but who has a boyfriend and I'm actually done & quest;

As I said, I have been dreaming a lot lately of a boy I still like. He now has a girlfriend but still gives me hope, be it with the things he does around me or things he says to me. Why dream

What does the & comma; when I am often forgetful & comma; that a symptom of cancer & quest;

Since I'm not, I have to take a tablet in the morning and in the evening (half of the evening another tablet in the morning) only at the moment in the evening I always ask myself: have I already taken my tablet 'and often think about it as if I was lost

What does it mean & comma; that I always dream of my dream & quest;

Hey guys, I'm more than desperate. Almost about 2 months ago, my ex broke up with me. After the breakup we tried to build a friendship, but then I noticed that he had a new one within 3 weeks and for

What does it mean & comma; when a boy to a boy

It depends on what he wrote before. Just after you give him the ha and he says thank you, it just means thank you. Otherwise probably more

What does it mean & comma; if I've had more dreams lately & quest;

Hello dear community! In the last year I dreamed maybe 1-2 times in total, or I could only remember what I had dreamed 1-2 times ... but within the last week I dream every day. I've been feeling lately too

What appears on Facebook & comma; when I log in from another device & quest;

If I log in from another laptop or change the password, what does it say on the device where I was first logged in because you are automatically logged out there? Only that the password you entered is incorrect!

I was punished by a boy & comma; who turned out to be a girl & comma; what to do & quest;

Hi, something happened to me that made me smarter on the one hand, but really upset me on the other. By the way, I'm 14 years old. I went to this platform yesterday and answered a "girl" who said it was 15 and would

What does it mean & comma; if you always dream of work & quest;

I dream of my work every night. The dreams are not terrible but rather beautiful, as it is with us in reality at work. My colleagues said it was not good to dream of work Is that so?

What does the & comma; when I get a basic idea of ​​a computer game and the remaining "visible" things & quest;

What is the name of the job, the position, etc. when you work out what is actually visible in a computer game (i.e. how the game should look roughly)? Many Thanks! Best answer -> Stern You asked who it is that defines the visible things

What does it mean & comma; if you often dream & comma; to kill himself & quest;

I am psychologically through ... have a borderline personality vll that is relevantI am a self-proclaimed dream interpretation expert of my own dreams and a mega dreamer. My nightmares often frighten me (very much), but quite often I like them too

What does it mean & comma; when a boy cuddles with a girl & quest;

Hey, I would like to know what it means for a boy when he cuddles with a girl and then, while cuddling, pats through the hair and over the arm, the back of the hand and with the thumb over the fingers. Does it mean that he has something for her e

What does it mean & comma; if one always dreams of the same person & quest;

Hey, I've been dreaming of the same person every night for a week now and I'm slowly wondering what that means. I just found a text from Time Magazine: Did you know that when people appear in your dreams, it's bec

What does it mean & comma; when I get the following character & colon; & Hat; & Hat; & quest;

I have received this from friends so often and so far I have received two very different explanations of what the ^^ should be. Some say it's a Japanese smiley (smiling eyes). For others it is the symbol for

What does it mean & comma; if I dream more often & comma; that my Windows is infected with viruses and no longer hangs up & quest;

I often have nightmares that my Windows is contaminated by viruses (still like DOS style, ping pong or Michelangelo, something like a retro virus) and then it never starts up and then I have a major loss of data. The dreams are wrecking me, i

What could I ask for from a boy & comma; that I just saw & lpar; present & rpar; & quest;

Wouldn't say anything about a guy who has seen you once you won't get anything anyway and if you can really make up your mind because then you really blew him away

What does it mean & comma; when I have back pain & comma; when I breathe & quest;

As soon as I called in and out, my back hurts on the right side towards the shoulder .. What does that mean?

Would it be legal & comma; when I load songs from a pre-recorded album & quest;

So, I have pre-ordered the album box "Mikrokosmos" from the 257ers, but now 2 songs from the album have already been released via video on Youtube, it would now be legal if I download them to listen to the songs via iTunes etc.

I'm 23 and thinking about & comma; whether I should let a boy kidnap me & quest;

So I'm 23 and have never had sex, whether boy or girl, so I'm still a virgin. It's about the following problem because I've never dared to speak to a girl, I think I'm probably gay and therefore just sleep with a boy

Is it embarrassing & comma; when I apologize to a boy & quest;

I know the question is stupid if I have an argument with my girlfriend then it's easy to take but I told you that I had an argument with my crush and now I want to apologize (I got it via whatsapp gener