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Good Morning,

I have bought a newly built condominium, which according to the contract should be completed by 02/28/2015, but was granted a one-month period. Now I phoned the developer at the beginning of the year, he verbally promised me that the building would be completed by April 20th, 2015. I should quit my apartment, which I did. I asked for written confirmation of the appointment, I was promised. But nothing ever came.

Now it is so that from my point of view it is impossible to keep the appointment. There isn't even any interior plaster on the walls. Nobody calls me, there is also a problem with the patio door, which would have to be removed and another one installed. Until this is done, I would not agree to any acceptance, because it is not a minor defect.

So I'll have to get out of my apartment at the end of April and can't go to my new one, i.e. a hotel and the furniture must be stored. According to the law, I have informed myself that the developer has to pay for this.

But I am now wondering what the correct procedure is? So far I have not written a letter because a fixed date is mentioned in the contract. However, I don't even have a new completion date, so what should I do? Especially because of the hotel / relocation history?


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