Large vortex simulations to evaluate the resolution


On the verge of dissolution?

Employee or workerWas working at CSC Deutschland Consulting GmbH in Wiesbaden at the time of the assessment.

I think it's good about the employer

Trying to get into new topics.

I think it's bad about the employer

The brutal way you deal with people. The absolute opposite of leadership on an equal footing.

Suggestions for improvement

Exchange of leadership. Perceive the employees as living beings.

Working atmosphere

The working atmosphere is shaped by the years of restructuring. There is general depression. The upper management has lost contact with the employees.


Just a lot of meaningless emails.

Cohesion among colleagues

Usually good. The company is divided into a large number of employees who no longer believe in management and a small number who have not yet given up hope.

Work-life balance

Bad, because you also live at work and should at least have some fun.

Managerial behavior

... is very different. Good leadership is difficult in the current situation.

Interesting tasks

Depending on the project assignments. Hardly any modern topics.

equal rights

In terms of a quota, yes. In real life, men are preferred.

Dealing with older colleagues

You want to part with your older colleagues.

working conditions

The Wiesbaden location is given up. Accordingly, the working conditions are bad. Unfortunately it is hardly better outside of the location.

Environmental / social awareness

Definitely not there.

Salary / social benefits

No sensible royalty regulation. Employees are deprived of their earned bonus.


Employees talk badly about CSC. Unfortunately, this is also how it is seen by the market.

Career / further education

Hardly available due to austerity measures. Training "on the job".