What does your card like this mean

The card of the good life

What is the good life card?

A creative project. Our creative project.

We don't (yet) exactly know anything else! But we are moved by questions: What would I like to do myself, perhaps together with others, to make the world a little better, more equitable and simply more livable and colorful? What small or big things can I actually implement that change my life, my relationships, society, politics, the environment etc. a little for me and posterity? Which values ​​do I actually have (or which ones are there and which ones are worth striving for)? And how can I or do I want to live this concretely?


What's the matter?

We want to think about this together and embark on a “philosophical” - and later perhaps also very concrete - journey. Where it leads and how we get there, we want to find out together with you. Open to results, as a collective.

We invite you: to exchange ideas about your own and new perspectives, to change perspectives, to broaden your awareness and to develop specific suggestions for action. On top of that, it's about simply getting to know nice, interested, open people and yours own card of the good life to draw.


Save the date!

And that's why we want "Just do it". We would be happy if you are there. Let's go on

  • Tuesday March 26th 2019
  • 6 p.m.
  • Location: SONNEVERSUM, Atelier Eva Arzdorf, Sömmeringstraße 2, 50823 Cologne


♥ To participate, please register (as binding as possible by March 22nd at the latest) using the comment field above.

You don't have to prepare anything, just bring some fun, openness and, if necessary, your own ideas with you.

We are excited to see what's coming and look forward to a completely open evening with you and other great people.


Best regards,
Sina & Ulli

Responsible for the content and your contact:
Sina Derichsweiler ([email protected])
Ulli Wolf ([email protected])

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