How to mount a satellite dish on the bezel

Good TV reception

17 million households in Germany, that is around 45%, still get their TV signal via satellite reception. Where the antenna is installed for this depends on the individual case and the ownership structure. In the case of single-family houses, one usually opts for roof mounting - it promises the best reception results due to its position on the sloping roof.

What is important when assembling a satellite dish?

When mounting on the roof, the parabolic antenna is mounted and aligned with a view of the Astra and, less frequently used, Eutelsat satellites. In the DACH countries this is south with about 20 degrees east. The upward angle is approx. 28 degrees in northern Germany and approx. 35 degrees in southern Germany.

The field of vision from antenna to satellite should be as free as possible from obstacles, i.e. from trees, branches and neighboring houses. This is the only way to guarantee undisturbed reception. Rule of thumb: an obstacle should be no more than half as high as it is away. For example, if a tree is 20 meters away, its crown must not be more than 10 meters above the antenna position.

With a bowl diameter of 60 cm, reception is usually of good quality. If you want to have reserves up your sleeve, opt for an 80 cm bowl. However: the larger the antenna area, the greater the wind load that acts on it. A stable anchorage is therefore a must.