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RoyalGOP is doing high-pitched advertising in London

Hanover / London - A crown, a queen and a royal trip to London: the GOP was so royaltheatre never!

The new show "Brodowys Sommersalon" (May 13th to June 22nd, 2014) is all about the personal union - when the Royals were Hanoverians!

So let's go to London and the Queen, saying that “very British” is actually very Hanoverian!

Royal and comic advertising for our variety show: In the British capital, cabaret artist Matthias Brodowy (41) "proves" to the Queen (actress Krissie Illing, 57) that the Kröpcke clock hundred Pro was the model for London's "Big Ben" is! Show her how to drink Lütje Lage and feed her Leibniz biscuits. The weird films are shown in the new show.

Back in Hanover, Brodowy is still in a London frenzy. "It's a shame that I'm Catholic, otherwise I could also become king ..."

Tickets from 15 euros.

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