How to make custom vampire teeth

Get real vampire teeth made?

Feel free to ask your dentist.

First you have to clarify with him how the teeth should be fixed (I hope you want to take them out again?). Then he has to make an impression of your upper jaw, after which the dental technician can then produce the teeth.

I once had something like this. A thin plate was made out of denture plastic and the teeth were attached to it, namely the incisors and the two canines. You could then clamp the whole thing onto your teeth at the front, that held up well. The plastic made the upper lip look a bit thicker, but nobody noticed. I could use it to speak completely normally, and even eat soft things.

Unfortunately, I can't tell you how much it costs, a relative did it for me, it didn't cost me anything.

However, if you should get the idea to have the vampire teeth permanently attached, I have to disappoint you. To do this, your own teeth would have to be ground, no dentist does that. That would be bodily harm even if you insisted on treatment.