What a sura to read on Laylatul Qadr

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In the Koran, God pronounced a single night of all nights to be “worthy of blessing” and rated it “better than 1000 months”. That night is called “Qadr”; the night of “determination” or the night of “value”.
In the Koran there is a whole sura about this night alone:

“We revealed the Koran on the“ Night of Destiny ”. And what lets you know what the “Night of Determination” is? The night of determination is better than a thousand months. In her the angels descend and the Spirit, with the empowerment of her Lord, with any (divine) resolution, she is peace until dawn. ”(Sura 97: 1-5)

This night is better than a thousand months in terms of its blessings and the blessings for the righteous deeds done therein, that is, better than the services of a thousand months, which is equivalent to nearly 84 years. One should therefore expect this night and try to perform a great many acts of worship in it.

But the question is, what makes this night so precious? The night time itself, or something else? There is no such thing as an absolutely good or bad time in Muslim timekeeping. Whether time is good or bad depends on the person. It is human attitudes that make time good or bad.

If there was a blessed time among times, it would be tonight. For, according to his own declaration, the revelation of the Quran began to be revealed that night. Again he himself declares that this night corresponds to the month of Ramadan (2: 185) and a night that has been blessed by God (cf. 44: 3). This value is expressed in numbers by the Koran: "The night of Qadr is better than a thousand months." or one night better than 30,000 nights.

A thousand months is approximately 84 years. It means the number of years a fairly long-lived person can live. In this case, this verse could also be read as follows: "The night of" Qadr "is better than a whole life."

Does this value, which is ascribed to the night by “Qadr”, originate from the night itself or from some other element that gives the night its value?

The answer to this question is given in a clear way by the first verse. Accordingly, this great night takes all its worth from the Quran. For the Koran began to be revealed that night.

It means the following: O man! If this book, which even made the time of its own sending down, 30,000 times more valuable; if it boils down to your heart, mind, life and world, it will grant you a life whose one night will be as blessed as a whole life, it will increase your emotional, thought and action potential a thousand times!

Read the Quran as if it were revealed to you!
Yes, the Koran has been revealed to you.

The only way to spend this night consciously is by studying and internalizing the messages of the Koran. For the Koran was sent by God to mankind as a guide and as a means to happiness: "We did not send the Koran down on you to make you miserable" (20: 1) In order to make the world happier, we must Understand the Koran from the very beginning!

Believers must spend this night vigilantly with the Koran, whose light will shine infinitely, and think about its messages and deal with themselves critically.

We need to understand the Quran openly and dynamically. Whoever understands the message of the Koran and wants to live the values ​​it conveys, who wants to have his share of them, must also deal with it, deal with it. In order to understand the message of the Koran I have to listen to my carotid artery, to my heart, to my core - because that's where I find God. The Koran formulates this very easily and clearly when it says: "We are closer to people than their carotid arteries" (50:16).

So it is God's concern to establish a relationship with humans. This does not just mean that we read it or follow its elaborate presentation. Rather, we have to understand him for our earthly happiness as well as for that in the hereafter, in and with his message, to try to implement it. Because he invites us to brotherhood, to truth, justice, to love, sharing, decency and morals, to solidarity. On the other hand, he tries to dissuade us or keep us away from doing ugly acts, rummaging for other people's secrets, lying and defamation, and from all other bad acts.

When the first commandment of the Quran, “Read!” (96: 1) was proclaimed, there was no text to read. It was more likely to mean: try to understand! - understand what God wants to say, existence, nature and everything that concerns humanity today.

During this night “Qadr” many angels and the Archangel Gabriel descend to earth to watch people who are peaceful with the Walt. “It is peace until dawn” (97: 5), thus working for peace until the darkness of hatred, violence and war leaves people!

As believers, on this night when the gates of mercy open, we must pray for peace and reconciliation in the world with the support of all angels.

It is supplication that goes up from below.

It is the acceptance of supplication that descends from above to below.

It is the consciousness that ascends from man to God.

It is the revelation of God that descends from God to man.

"She is good and safe until dawn"

That night we should all ask for the forgiveness of our sins and renew our determination to live with and according to the Quran. In our prayers that night we include all our brothers and sisters in faith who endure hardship, suffering and oppression. Our prayers are for peace and unity in the world on this night.

God's messenger Muhammad, aleihi wa salam, warned us at the time not to neglect this night and to know its worth: “Whoever observes the Qadr night, appreciating its importance and sublimity and thereby hoping for his reward from Allah, will be his previous sins He also suggested the following prayer for that night: “O Allah! You are the forgiver and you love to forgive. So forgive me too. "

Blessed Qadr Night!