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    ArcheAge July 2018 Game Update: Official Patch Notes

    ArcheAge game update July 2018: official patch notes

    The following patch notes contain information about the latest game update from ArcheAge: July 2018!

    Marvel at the best pieces of player artwork!
    "So many masterpieces, so little time! If only I could buy them all!"

    In ancient times, the "Essenion" art competition was held annually in Delphinad to promote and celebrate the master artists. And now, many decades later, King Andrion II of Nuia and Queen Amarendra IV of Haranya have united to revive the age-old tradition as Erenor's global arts competition!

    Look between July 19th and August 2nd If you have a character of at least 30, stop by Marianopel or Austera to meet the artists of the Blue Salt Brotherhood - Vivalt and Mendelsson. Plus, you can view and even buy artwork from ArcheAge players around the world! The gems of the finalists from North America and Europe, Korea, China, Russia, Japan and Taiwan are all ready and just waiting for YOU!

    For our region you can marvel at the works of art from the following finalists:
    • Life is a wondrous journey - Kithira from the Conviction server
    • Itchy on a stone - Itchylily from the server retribution
    • Bittersweet pain - Sirochan from the Shatigon server
    • Tug avalanche - Erry from the Tempest server
    • Delphinad ghost ship: "hard" level - Silenthunter from the server Eanna

    Use Gilda Stars to buy replicas of these works of art for your own home (and to support the artist concerned) and you will receive coins from the art competition as a thank you. If you take some time to marvel at the works of art in peace, you can also use them to get coins!

    You can also take part in the art quest, in which the players create a mosaic together if you meet at 8:00, 16:00 or 00:00 UTC (Europe) or 6:00, 14:00 or 10:00 p.m. PDT (North America) in the fixed area. Just talk to art dealer Starr and start your own masterpiece!

    For all participating artists: Kithira, Itchylily, Sirochan, Erry and Silenthunter - for every piece sold in all regions you will receive 1 gold piece (up to a maximum of 10,000 gold pieces). When the event is over, your Art Skill will also be increased by 10,000 points to celebrate your success. The artist who sells the most works of art in total will also receive an additional 10,000 Art Skill points! Remember to thank the Blue Salt Brotherhood!

    We would like to thank all participants in the global art competition for their participation and look forward to announcing the official winners soon!

    Fishing in a completely different way!
    "I feel like the fish want to jump right into my boat."

    Sport fishing and the angling competition have received major updates in this game update, as follows:

    Sport fishing
    • Schools of fish now appear more often.
    • There are new fishing rods:
      • Simple fishing rod: a simple fishing rod that can be improved in two different ways.
      • Flexible fishing rod (of novices, veterans, experts): Shortens the waiting time until the bite.
      • Robust fishing rod (of novice, veteran, expert): Causes more damage to sport fishing.
    • The Expert's Robust Rod and the Expert's Flexible Rod can also be used for advanced fishing and ice fishing.
    • The bucket for pieces of fish has been changed to the ketalax bucket.
      • Crafting material updated: Worm Bait x60 and Ground Grain x40 (previously: Pike x10).
    • Fishing works differently now:
      • Fishing no longer uses bait.
      • The new "sport bait" can activate a fishing rod, which lasts for 2 hours.
      • This period also expires if you are offline.
    • The appearance and type of sport fish have been adjusted.
      • The health and health regeneration of sport fish has been adjusted.
      • The maximum health depends on the type of fish; Fish each have the same maximum health, regardless of their individual size.
    • The swimming paths of medium-sized fish and small fish have been adjusted.
      • "Jump" and "Dive" are now triggered more often by smaller fish.
    • Selling a package of fish at a fish stall now costs 10 labor points.

    Mirager fishing competition
    • The fishing competition is held every Sunday from 5:00 a.m. PDT (12:00 p.m. UTC) to 4:59 p.m. PDT (11:59 p.m. UTC).
    • The text of the quest "Become the Angler King", which can be picked up from the Unexpected Helper on Mirage during the fishing competition, has been updated.
      • Grants a Shiny Mirager Angel per quest during competition time.
      • The Shiny Mirager Angel no longer consumes bait and can be used for an hour.
      • The time continues to run out even if you are offline.
    • The Unexpected Helper no longer sells fishing items.
      • Items that have already been purchased can be sold for their purchase price.
    • The overall balance has been adjusted to shorten the waiting time.
    • The appearance of the Happy Pink Marlin has been adjusted.
    • A treasure imitator has been added that leaves "Herbs of the Angler", which increases the Fishing skill +50,000 points for 10 minutes. Can only be used on Mirage.
    • Contest rewards are currently awarded to places 1 to 500, but Places 1 to 5000 will be rewarded in an upcoming update.

    Create Marketplace Mounts with Manastorm Crystals
    "Legend has it that if you collect enough of these crystals, you can actually bend space and time in your favor ..."

    The new Manastorm Crystals can now be obtained from Locked Gold Chests and from the Underbosses of the Shadow Invasions, which are available from the World Bosses.

    These crystals can then be used to create previously available marketplace mounts such as the Frost Dragon or Typhoon Dragon, as well as armor such as the Typhoon Set for free! Visit the Companion Accessory Workbench for the full list of items that can be crafted.

    Restart Server - Regent Phase: Part 1; Changes
    • Level limit has been increased to level 55!
    • The dwarves and warborn have been added! For this occasion, all players have received an additional character slot!
    • Search the depths of the sea to salvage ships!
    • Challenge the Leviathan, sweep the oceans in the abyssal attack and face the deadly blood canon of the Mistsong Spire!
    • Crafts armor up to the Delphinad level as well as the second level of vehicles, submarines, carriages and fishing boats!
    • Upgrade your warrior necklaces to rank 11 and 12.
    • The 2nd level of the Kraken equipment can now be looted!
    • From now on you can go on an adventure trip in the Oberonwiege, in Airinfels and in the Sonnenbiss wilderness - or maybe you will even make one of these regions your home?

    Changes for Halcyona
    • From now on, a queuing system will be used on the restart servers in Halcyona (similar to the one in Nebelmark). Therefore, from now on pirates can no longer take part in this battle. As soon as one of these nations has reached the maximum number of players, additional players who wish to enter the area during wartime will be placed in a queue. If someone leaves the battle, the next player in line will be notified and can teleport into the area.
    • The Halcyona phases have also been adjusted: phase 1 (preparation) lasts 5 minutes, while the main phase (phase 2) expires after 30 minutes.
    • War Golems no longer spawn during battle.

    Changes for the Kraken
    • The Kraken of the restart server will also be changed so that guilds or nations can no longer automatically dominate its spawn.
    • A red area will appear on the map before the octopus spawns (Tuesday and Thursday). This area is the restricted area of ​​the Kraken and can only be entered by the faction that is allowed to fight the Kraken at the time.
    • Anyone who does not belong to the specific faction will be teleported out of the area. Ships / trade packages are left at the character's starting point. You can then pick up your vehicles and packages again by returning to the location from which you were teleported out of the area and summoning your vehicle again.
    • On Tuesdays, only members of the Haranya Alliance can face the Kraken.
    • Only members of the Nuia Alliance can face the Kraken on Thursdays.
    • There is no restricted area on Saturdays and the reward for defeating the Kraken is increased to reflect the added challenge.
    • An additional spawn point has been added in the area to prevent players from having to walk too long back to their starting point if they should have died in combat.

    Quests - changes and news
    • Players of the restart server can now start a quest called "Help for the Hiram" and send them through Reed Wind, the Sun Gold Fields and Exeloch. You will receive the quest from the representative of your faction!

    General changes
    • Abilities that have an impact on areas have no influence on unassailable goals and do not count these as goals.
    • A new simple ability called Defiance has been added.
    • This is added to the skill bar with the shortcut "0".
    • The ability "Fighter's Desires" has been removed from the sparring arena (1: 1) and from the skirmish arena (3: 3).
    • The text "This ability cannot be upgraded" has been removed from the tooltips of already learned passive effects.
    • Resurrection has been improved (ability and scroll) so that it no longer fails randomly.
    • The loading screen image has been updated.
    • A character's visual effects are now also invisible to those who cannot see the cloaked character.
    • An optimization option has been added that can be used in massive battles.
    • Additional descriptions regarding player removal from PvP battle areas such as Halcyona and the Mist Marrow have been added.
      • If you enter a battle area after the waiting time, you will drop your currently equipped trading package.
      • After being sent to a faction's headquarters, the recruitment costs are no longer refundable.
      • You cannot enter dungeons or mirages while waiting for a battlefield.
      • Entering an arena cancels the waiting status.

    Changes to the items
    • The stone slab of the Delphinad ghost ship can no longer be sold to relic vendors. Instead, you have to take them to the shadow trader on Freienich to get charcoal stabilizers.
    • Royal seeds and scented leaves are now obtained from bundles (instead of seeds) when harvesting.
    • The Twilight Stone tooltip now has additional text.
      • "Distant lunar jewels will be destroyed."
    • Resplendent Hiram Guardian Equipment synthesis experience increased from 100 to 150.
    • The synthesis experience through capes from Spirit Chests has been doubled.
    • The number of Jewel Sockets on Magnificent Unique Equipment has been increased.
      • They now have the same number of sockets as Celestial Equipment.
    • Each party member can now receive a Tangled Spirit and Arcadian Spray.
    • The Angry Monsters of the Abyssal Legion can drop the following items:
      • Queen's Pouch
      • Unknown Hiram infusion
      • Hiram revival scroll
    • The tooltips of synthesis items have been improved.
    • Serendipity Stones can now be used to exchange the value of a piece of Hiram Guardian's equipment.
    • The tooltip of the Vigorous Honor Jewel has been improved and no longer contains the unclear details about the place of origin.
    • Evening stones can now be used by Shift + right click to easily retrieve multiple items.
    • Some Sealed Lunafrosts can be salvaged.
    • All levels (single-rare) of the Nebelsanger Pompadour can now be stacked.
    • The Guardian Scrolls of Hard Labor are now available in the Marketplace.
      • Guardian Scroll of Hard Labor - 10 gold
      • High Quality Guardian Scroll of Hard Labor - 30 gold
      • Mistsong Guardian Scroll of Hard Labor - 100 gold
    • Certain pieces of equipment can now be awakened to increase their power.
    • For awakening you need scrolls of awakening and other items.
    • When the item is awakened, the following features are retained: inserted lunar jewels, inserted lunastones, annealing rates, synthesis XP, synthesis values, binding type and any design items that were applied to the item.
    • Currently, only Hiram Guardian Equipment and specific Mistsong items can be awakened.
    • To begin the process, players will need 10 Hiram Awakening Scrolls or a single Sacred Hiram Awakening Scroll. Sacred Hiram Awakening Scrolls also have a higher chance of awakening equipment. Failure results in crystallization. Success results in a Radiant Hiram Guardian piece. If an item has not been awakened, there is a chance that it will crystallize instead. Sacred Hiram Awakening Scrolls have a higher chance of success in awakening Hiram Guardian equipment and prevent the item from crystallizing in the event of failure.
    • Players can create Holy Awakening Scrolls from 50 normal Awakening Scrolls and a rune scribe pen. You can buy these feathers in the guild shop for loyalty tokens or prestige.
    • Mistsong Awakening Scrolls have also been added and are specifically intended for Mistsong gear. The previous levels can still be achieved using the Mirager Salvage Forge.
    • Decrystallization Scrolls have been added and are available in the Honor Points Shop. These scrolls will only work in conjunction with the awakening process (they will allow you to retry the awakening) and CANNOT decrystallize any manufactured Glorious Ayanad level equipment.
    • With the successful awakening there is a special lunar jewel.
    • New lunafrosts can now be obtained from boxes: Broken Lunafrosts, Whole Lunafrosts and Flawless Lunafrosts. When these lunafrosts open, there is a random increase in values. Lunafrosts that have already been won can still be traded and sold. The new lunafrosts are bound when picked up. By salvaging lunafrosts you can now win lunarite.
    • The amount of lunarite required to produce a lunafrost has been reduced: 30 units of lunarite, 6 units of fine lunarite or 2 units of high-quality lunarite. This creates lunafrosts, which are now also available as loot from boxes.
    • Braziers of Upgrade and Radiant Archeum Saplings can no longer be dropped from crates and are instead available from the Crafting Badge Shop for 200 Badges.
    • Increased the chance that the Level-Up Warming Brazier will become a Level-Up Brazier. In addition, the braziers of the level up now have a greater chance of getting full level up points. The chance for shards of the level up has been reduced.
    • Archeum Trees now have a dramatically reduced chance of Archeum Shards and Archeum Crystals. The chance of the tree producing dust has increased dramatically during this time, and the chance of archeum essences has been increased slightly. Trees also produce more splinters than before (previously you could get 11-13 splinters, now there are 17-19). These changes were made as the general consumption of Archeum has decreased in the game (which in turn is due to the changes in the crafting system).
    • Archeum trees can now, with a little luck, be struck by lightning.
    • Gold earnings from the following purses have been increased: Prince's Wallet, Queen's Wallet, Scholar's Wallet, Librarian's Wallet, Dean's Wallet, and Ancestral Wallet.
    • The labor cost of opening the scholar's wallet and the librarian's wallet has increased.
    • The queen's chest and the ancestral chest can now be opened with a workload of 20 working points.
    • Crates can now contain Lunafrosts and Experience Potions.
    • Locked Gold Chests can now contain Manastorm Crystals. These crystals can be collected to create mounts and pet armor previously only available through the ArcheAge Marketplace.
    • The metallic boxes have been adjusted and new boxes have been introduced. Locked copper chests can be obtained from shadow invasions, locked silver chests are available from elite monsters on Auroria, and locked gold chests are left behind by world bosses. The old boxes can still be used, but are no longer available. The old boxes have their original bag lists.
    • Whoever kills the Kraken can get Kraken Ink Pouches.
    • The armor set tier buffs have been adjusted. These buffs now start from the Magnificent level with a bonus to health and mana, as well as a bonus for ability damage. The bonus values ​​increase with the higher levels. All additional effects granted for Heroic-Celestial levels (specific set buffs) have been removed.
    • The hidden effects of all weapons have been removed.
    • The attack speed and attack types of the weapons have been changed:
      • The default speed of all weapons is now 1 second. A weapon faster than 1 second does less damage and attacks faster.
      • The attack speed of weapons affects the speed and damage of melee skills.
      • From now on, all weapons are divided into three categories: stabbing weapons, cutting weapons and smashing weapons. Each of these types can do more damage against a specific type of armor.
      • The chance to trigger this damage has been increased from 20% to 50%.
        • Stab weapons: + 15% damage against plate armor
        • Cutting weapons: + 15% damage against leather armor
        • Smash weapons: + 20% damage against plate armor
      • Multiple weapons can deal bonus damage against plate armor to make up for their high defense and health. Cloth armor, on the other hand, has fewer weaknesses, as it naturally has a low defensive value.
    • The equipping effect of two-handed weapons has been adjusted. These now grant a melee range of + 1m and a magic / healing ability range of + 2m.
    • The difference between minimum and maximum damage from all weapons is now 1%.
    • The difference between the minimum and maximum damage from all magic attacks is now 1%.
    • The following items, previously looted from monsters in the Sungold Fields, Exeloch and Golden Ruins areas, have been removed: Possessed Topaz, Ghost Obsidian, Bone Shards, Forbidden Magic Stone and Ritual Aquamarine.
    • Potions of Honor have been added to the Crimson Guard crates.

    Changes to the dungeon equipment
    • Adjusted the drop rate and equipment types in the Grand Dungeons.
    • The level of items won in dungeons has been adjusted.
      • Large dungeons: Arcane
      • Serpentis / Sea of ​​Sunken Love: Arkan
      • Nebelsangspitze: Rare
    • Dungeon equipment from large dungeons or more demanding instances can be improved using the synthesis system.
    • Synthesis dungeon equipment can be used as synthesis material regardless of its level.
    • Depending on the piece of equipment, the maximum level can vary.
      • Large dungeons: Divine
      • Serpentis / Sea of ​​Sunken Love: Epic
      • Mistsong Peak: Legendary
      • Awakened Mistsong Gear / Taris Gear: Eternal
    • Synthesis Dungeon Equipment cannot be used in the synthesis of Erenor Equipment.

    Mistsong Point
    • The Mistsong Dagger Shards have been discontinued. Players can use the following items to obtain the Rare Evil Whispers Dagger:
      • Splinter from Sojungs dagger
      • Shard of Aria's dagger
      • Shard of Dochul's dagger
    • The Dagger of Evil Whispers can be looted from bosses.
    • The bosses of the Mistsong always leave a portal stone of dawn, regardless of the difficulty level.

    • The crafting materials for crafting Cursed Obsidian Equipment have been adjusted.
      • The amount of mercury solution required has been adjusted and Renaia's research report has been added to the instructions.
    • The discontinued crafting materials have been removed from the following guides: Cursed Obsidian, Ominous Obsidian, Shrouded Miraculous Obsidian, and Shrouded Dolphin Vein Cloak.
    • Moonlit Ark Crystal has been added to the Dolphin Vein Cloak instructions.
    • The crafting instructions for 3 types of Guardian Scrolls of Hard Labor have been removed; these can now be bought for gold on the marketplace.
    • The instructions for Aurorian Loot Specialty Packs have been removed.
      • However, packages created prior to this update can still be dropped off at a retail store.
    • The instructions available in the pharmacist's villa have been adapted.
      • Moss-covered pond: iris, thistle, cornflower and aloe have been removed; 1 charcoal stabilizer has been added.
      • Octopus Power: Removed Aloe, Cornflower, Thistle, and Iris; 1 charcoal stabilizer has been added.
      • Desert fire: lavender, mushroom, daffodil and lily removed; 1 charcoal stabilizer has been added.
      • Nuis Nova: Ginkgo leaf, lotus, mushroom and lavender have been removed; 1 charcoal stabilizer has been added.
      • Deluxe sandwich: barley, garlic, yam and strawberry have been removed; 1 charcoal stabilizer has been added.
      • Hearty soup: barley, tomato, pumpkin and rosemary have been removed; 1 charcoal stabilizer has been added.
    • The amount of materials required for the following instructions has been reduced:
      • Whole grain bread: barley 10 -> 5
      • Vegetable bread: garlic 8 -> 5
      • Sweet bread: yam 6 -> 2
      • Simple sandwich: barley 3 -> 2
      • Whole grain soup: 20 -> 5
      • Vegetable soup: tomato 10 -> 5
      • Sweet soup: pumpkin 5 -> 2
      • Fragrant soup: rosemary 3 -> 2
    • The T1-> T2 instructions for equipment from large dungeons and more demanding instances have been removed.
      • You can find some of the discontinued instructions at the Mirager salvage forge.
    • The instructions for the head armor from the Sea of ​​Sunken Love have been adjusted.
    • When making an Ax of the Wrathful Blow or a High Quality Ax of the Angry Blow, the result is "Rarely". (before: easy)
    • New crafting guides have been added for the Mistsong Awakening Scrolls, which can be crafted at the Distorted Mistsong Workbench.
    • A new item called "Hiram Infusion" has been added. This can be used as a synthetic material for the Hiram Guardian's equipment. Infusions are obtained through Unknown Hiram Infusions, which in turn can be captured by the angry monsters of the Abyssal Legion.
    • Infusions can be used in Equipment Synthesis for Hiram Guardian Equipment.
      • The Hiram Infusions can be made at dungeon workbenches.
    • The crafting materials for Taris weapons have been adjusted.
      • Jade Orbs have been removed and replaced with Shards of Wrathful Strike Armor.
      • Jade Orb x5 -> Angry Strike Armor Shards x15
    • Shards of the Abyss and Crystals of the Abyss can be dropped from dungeon bosses in the following quantities.
      • Large Dungeons: Shards of the Abyss x8-10
      • Sea of ​​Sunken Love: Abyssal Crystal x3
      • Mistsong: Abyssal Crystal x2
    • Added 4 guides for Abyssal Reinforcers (which can be used on dungeon armor).
    • Amplifiers can be crafted at the Distorted Dimension Workbench, Center of Dahuta's Power, or the Distorted Mistsong Workbench.
    • Aria's autograph can no longer be made.
    • 7 new fishing guides have been added while the old guides have been removed to reflect changes in the fishing system.
    • A new guide for the sport bait has been added. The old baits have been discontinued and removed.
    • Instructions for lunafrosts have been removed. The related craft inquiries can be salvaged. Lunafrosts can now be looted from boxes belonging to the trader, the noble, the fool, the prince, the queen and the ancestors.
    • Instructions for Lunarite, Fine Lunarite, and High Quality Lunarite have been added. These can now be combined to achieve higher level items.
    • The following instructions have been removed: Wooden Reel, Bamboo Fishing Rack, Steel Fishing Rack, Springy Steel Fishing Rack, Gilded Fishing Rack, Archeum Fishing Rack.
    • The materials for the rescue bag have been adjusted: The leather required has been increased from 1 to 5, the required work points from 25 to 50.

    Companions / Incantations
    • The rampage series now has explosion effects when their health is very low.
    • The tooltip for the Storm Terror Kirin's Evasive Leap ability has been updated.
    • The mobile mortar, flame iron armor and iron armor companions are now easier to recognize from a distance.
    • The incorrect lower speed of some submarines has been fixed.

    Buildings and Housing
    • The placement system has been improved. Plants / livestock to be placed can now be set up perfectly using a grid system.

    • The quests "Guardian of the Kraken" and "Defend the Kraken" have been removed. The related achievements are no longer available.
    • Players who still have one of these quests can speak to Nui's temple priestess to collect their reward.
    • Certain quests in the "Daily Contracts" category can no longer be accepted.
    • The quest "Badge of the Mist Marrow Battle" has been added to the Mist Marrow. These quests are available to players who have completed the Mistmarrow Battle; the quest will be completed automatically.
    • Players can now accept faction relic loot quests during the Battle of the Golden Plains.
    • The quest objectives for the quests "Lies Have Short Legs" and "Magical Touch" have been adjusted.
    • If a quest is completed while a player is teleporting, this will trigger the completion message.
    • Rumors of the Hiram: Using the Scroll of Teleportation: Auroria completed the quest.
    • The achievements for levels lower than Lv11-15 have been reorganized to assign them to the appropriate character level.
    • Path of Glory: A new reward of 3,000 Honor Points has been added to the quest "Defeat the Kraken!" added.
    • New daily quests for the pirate faction have been added.
      • Reedwind Raider.
      • Raiders of the Sungold Fields.
      • Looters of Exeloch.
    • The text of the quest "Scissors, Rock, Paper" has been improved.
    • The quest reward for the "Attack on Mistmarrow" quest has been changed from Kadum's Bark to 600 Honor Points.
    • The item required for the "A Good Reputation" quest is now a Flaming Log.
    • The new quest "For the Mist Marrow" has been added. (Currently not available on the restart servers.)

    Territories / NPCs
    • Normal server - the friendly octopus brood has been removed.
    • Normal server - the Kraken can be defeated by all factions on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.
    • The Kraken can be defeated by siege damage.
    • The Ahnimar Duck Boat will now be destroyed when near a building.
    • The new enraged monsters of the Abyssal Legion now appear in Reedwind, Sungold Fields, and Exeloch.
      • The number of local monsters has been reduced.
      • More Abyssal Legion monsters spawn in Reedwind when the area is at peace.
      • More Abyssal Legion monsters appear in the Sungold Fields and in Exeloch when the area has been purified.
    • Adjusted the duration of War and Peace in Reedwind.
      • Conflict: 10 minutes.
      • War: 50 minutes.
      • Peace: 60 minutes.
    • The Mysterious Chests have been removed from Auroria.
    • A new NPC named "Hiram Messenger" has been sent to the Reeds, Sungold Fields, and Exeloch areas.
    • A new message regarding the appearance of a world boss is now triggered in the respective areas.
    • The Kraken's attack pattern has been adjusted. The Kraken is now more susceptible to damage from players and can sometimes attack ships as well.

    • The amount of Charcoal Stabilizers obtained by dropping Nuia and Haranya cargo in a Merchant Shop has been increased.
    • The dynamic trading system was introduced:
      • The dynamic trade begins as soon as the war rages in Ynystere and the Slag Bog.
      • There is a 15% payment bonus for delivering trade packages during wartime.
    • All areas in the game are now marked with a trade prefix: Luxurious, Fine, Ordinary, and Conserved. The different prefixes determine how quickly a package should be delivered to the retail store in order to collect a bonus or the maximum profit.
      • "Luxurious" areas: Solzried peninsula, Zwei Kronen, Schlackenmoor, Cape Solis, Villanella.
      • "Fine" areas: Dew stone plain, Lilyut Hills, Marianopel, Mahadevi, Tiger Ridge Mountains, Falcon Plateau.
      • "Ordinary" areas: Gweonidwald, Oberonwiege, Weiß-Arden, Airinfels, Carcass-Fringe Areas, Arcum Iris, Ynystere, Silent Forest, Sunbite Wilderness.
      • "Conserved" areas: Halcyona, deep sand, hell swamp, Ahnimar, wind-cut savannah, rook basin, ruins of Perinoor, Rokhala Mountains, Hasla.
    • The names of the packages now also reflect how they were created. Simple specialties were created the normal way, Gilda specialties were created with Gilda stars, local specialties were created in a trading post or community center workbench, fertilizers were created in a trader's home, and matured specialties were created using a maturation chamber.
    • The amount of Stone Bricks needed to craft a Maturation Chamber has been increased from 5 to 10.
    • The amount of Iron Ingots needed to craft a Maturation Chamber has been increased from 5 to 10.

    Changes in skills

    The following skills now have improved visual effects.


    Specter conjuration (simple, fog and wave)
    • The size of the visual magic circles has been increased to reflect the real effect range (radius of 7m).


    Eagle eye
    • The visual magic circle on the floor has been clarified.


    Isolating lens
    • A ring effect has been added that looks like a protective lens.

    Meteor strike: wave
    • A circle has been added to show the area affected by damage and the target area when cast. (Like "impaling" vitalism.)

    Shadow play

    Quick hit
    • The effect on a successful hit has been improved.

    Nail down and overwhelm
    • An explosion effect has been added in case this ability is used on a target.

    Overpower - lightning
    • A lightning explosion effect has been added in case this ability is used on a target.

    Overpower - fire
    • A fire blast effect has been added in case this ability is used on a target.

    Bard art

    • An effect for successful hits from this ability has been added.

    Contrast - life
    • The regeneration caster's visual effect has been removed. (The effect now only appears when the ability is used on a target.)

    Contrast - earthquake
    • The floor effect has been removed.

    • A hit effect has been added (health regeneration).

    Mana barrier
    • A ring effect has been added that looks like a protective lens.

    Bug fixes
    • "Relief" should no longer consume double work points when the Kalia family freight is discarded.
    • The face of groom Daniela (Oberonwiege) has been fixed. Plastic surgery? No, just a little developer magic!
    • The angle of the screen for the "Screen" emote has been adjusted.
    • A piece of land in the residential area of ​​the Rokhala Mountains has been adapted so that buildings can be placed there as planned.
    • The carpets in the tower castle should now all appear as normal, regardless of where they were placed.
    • Meina's "Earth Cleavage" now always causes damage to the players hit.
    • The text of the instructions "Transform: Strange Garden Powder" -> "Transform: Lunarite" has been corrected.
    • Plants should now always be able to be placed correctly.
    • It should no longer be possible to randomly change the camera view when using the umbrella magithopter.
    • The auction house will now correctly reflect the gold consumed when buying items.
    • The "Dragon Roar" of the Red Dragon no longer causes the Wild Titan's wings to become unusable.
    • The "Ban of the Promised Guardian" of the Red Dragon now leads as intended to the dismount of the rider.
    • Critical Discord: This ability will now apply to additional nearby targets as intended while a Staff of Deadly Elegance or Superior Staff of Deadly Elegance is equipped. The damage has also been fixed, as previously too high damage was triggered on the additional targets.
    • Corrected incorrect information in Nuia, Haranya, and Auroria freight tooltips.
    • The armor of the Thundering Pegasus should now always display correctly.
    • The auction house should no longer open as long as the window of a trade or craft request is open.
    • The stumbling effect of a player should no longer be removed if a player stumbles another by "Assault".
    • Continuous shot: The cooldown now starts before the buff has been removed, not afterwards.
    • Blades of Soulbinding: The ability is now upgraded to rank 2 when the Abyssal is level 40.
    • The start of combat mode now ends the "Good day to work" buff as intended.
    • Dreamwalker: The simple attack now correctly displays the thrown items.
    • Corrected the incorrect text of the Opal Coral / Sapphire Coral Polyp tooltip.
    • The Glorious Gear Achievements have been removed.
    • Players can now no longer enter dungeons as long as they are carrying a trade package on their back.
    • Corrected an incorrect ability name for Blood Red and Steel Lightning.
    • The Arcadian Whistler's Rod should no longer accidentally spear the wearer.
    • Adjusted the return distance of the Shadow Invasion monsters in Windshield Savannah.
    • Purification: Can now remove the "Enchanted" buff as intended.
    • Gardens should now also be able to be placed on steep areas.
    • The quest "Become the Angler King" has been enriched with additional descriptive texts.
    • Removed false warnings that sometimes triggered when working on a fish stall.
    • The wrong source for Astral Lunadrop in the item encyclopedia has been corrected.
    • Corrected the usage description of the crafting potion's tooltip.
    • A bug with the button symbols in the skill UI has been fixed.
    • The sounds of the Hiram Guardian's instruments have been adjusted.
    • The appearance of the shadow daru uniform has been corrected so that the alternate appearance also correctly represents the ears of female dwarfs.
    • Fixed the appearance of the Golden Phoenix Regalia and should no longer change the user's hairstyle.
    • The Singing Leaf Man Shoon in Villanella should no longer be immune to certain skills as planned.
    • A bug that prevented certain monsters from taking damage from skills has been fixed.
    • The daily contracts are now scheduled to activate after 12:00 AM UTC (the daily reset).
    • Players can now accept the quest "Help the Hiram".
    • Using the Little Lindworm's Flame Breath ability should no longer consume items.
    • Even if you change the screen resolution, this should no longer remove the active buff "Captain's Protection".
    • Diamond-shaped frames should now be able to be placed closer to each other.

    known problems
    • The restricted area of ​​the weekly Kraken battles on the restart servers is currently not marked in red on the map.
    • The instructions for Strong and Shiny Synthesium Stones are currently not available on the restart servers.
    • The mounts offered for Manastorm Crystals are not the correct version for our region.
    • Awakening a Hiram item does not reliably result in a lunastone.
    • We still ask XL whether it is intended that identified Hiram infusions are not stackable.
    • Not all of the names of the ranks of the fishing competition are displayed in some clients.
    • In the fishing competition, the first few skills used against a Pink Marlin have no effect on its health points.
    • The recovery of ships is not active on the restart servers, but the sunken chests are already there.
    • Arealess damage will still be hit by un targetable targets.
    • The Prince's and Queen's Chests grant Clear Synthesium Shards, although they shouldn't.
    • Vyrava's Fragment can still be looted from Vyrava.
    • The tips regarding the Awakening Scrolls on the loading screens are not currently displayed.
    • When placing plants on steep terrain using the grid, it can sometimes happen that they are placed inside other plants.
    • "Falling back" does not currently prevent fall damage.

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