Where are original polo shoes made

Where were the original nike air max hyperfuse manufactured?


After my old chucks showed the typical weak points at the point where the foot kinks when the foot is rolled (the sole becomes glued), new ones had to be made.

When the Chucks arrived at my place (online order), I noticed stronger changes, which by the way can also be seen in some of the online pictures. Quite apart from the fact that the Converse Chucks are always shown with 7 eyelets on online pictures, although there are 8 (Hi-Chucks). Or???

The changes (see photos!): 1. there is a hole loop on the tongue 2. at the bottom of the heel at the bottom of my old chucks it says "All Star" for the new ones now "Converse All Star" 3. the sole is brown. In the size label on the inside of the tongue this is indicated as "Rubber", but in my old Chucks as "Man Made"

Apart from the fact that my old Chucks are "Made in Indonesia" and the new ones are "Made in China". But as you read on wikipedia, Converse has what is now part of Nike (quote from wikipedia: "Nike took over Converse 2003"), produced in Indonesia, China and Vietnam. I wouldn't be surprised if most of them now come from China!

That leaves the thought fake come up! But I believe that they are "innovations". (It's a shame that certain shoes apparently weren't patented!) Can someone enlighten me and many others, please!