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YouTuben Made Easy Part 2 - The right channel name and how to create a new YouTube channel

In the first blog post on the subject of "YouTuben Made Easy", you learned how to set up your own YouTube account in no time at all. Now there is this tutorial for you about creating a new channel on YouTube right afterwards 🙂

Why you even get a new one Create a YouTube channel and what that has to do with choosing a name for your channel, we clarify in this blog post. After all, the right name for your channel is not exactly unimportant if you want to attract subscribers. The overall package for your videos should be right.

The YouTubes Made Easy tutorials complement our series of tutorials on video editing with Camtasia Studio.

So, enough of the preliminary skirmish - let's start setting up your YouTube channel 🙂

The right name for your YouTube channel

At the moment your channel still has your username and it looks pretty boring.

You cannot change this channel name directly in YouTube as the name is linked to your Google+ account. That means you have to make the changes on your Google+ account. In many cases, however, this is not ideal either, because the new channel name is then also displayed on Google+.

Another disadvantage is that Google+ limits the number of times you can change your name. In addition, only the first name / last name format is possible in this way. So you have to enter at least two words as a name. More words are apparently possible, but I have not tested the upper limit.

To get around this name restriction, simply create a new channel. You then just leave the "old" channel as it is and it doesn't bother you any further.

Before I show you how to create a new YouTube channel, let's go back to choosing a name. Remember, it should be a name for your channel that your potential viewers can imagine. It is also good if the name arouses curiosity. Something that sounds boring is something that few people look at.

For example, if you want to publish videos about anecdotes from your life in your channel, then your name is not very exciting as a name for your channel. Perhaps it would be better: "The weirdest things in my life".

If you just want to have the channel as a supplement to your blog, then of course it makes sense to match the name to your blog.

How to create a new YouTube channel

You can get to the new YouTube channel in just three steps, but the relevant function is a bit hidden.

Step 1: Click your profile picture in the top right corner. A menu with various options for YouTube and your Google account will open. Select the “YouTube Settings” link under the YouTube heading.

Alternative to step 1: Click on the gear symbol in the top menu bar next to the "Upload" button. Then select “YouTube settings” from the drop-down menu.

Step 2: You land on the overview page for your YouTube account. On this page at the bottom left under the heading “Additional functions” you will find the option “Create new channel”, which you select immediately.

Step 3: On the “New Create a YouTube channelYou can now enter a name for your channel that you like and is independent of your Google+ account.

Select the right category for your channel from the 4 possible categories:

  • Product or brand
  • Company, institution or organization
  • Art, sport or entertainment
  • miscellaneous

When in doubt, “other” always fits 😉

Now just accept the terms of use and by clicking on the "Done" button you will receive your new channel.

Now it's time to design your new YouTube channel and gradually fill it with content for your audience.

Here's how to create a custom channel url

Speaking of channel names - you can perfect your name branding with the right URL for your channel.

Danger: You can only change your channel's URL once! So think twice about whether the name you choose is really the right one.

If in doubt, take a little more time and see whether you still like your channel name after a few days or weeks. The option "Create a custom channel URL" does not run away 😉

And so it goes:

As described above, go to the page with the overview of your YouTube account via the profile picture of your channel and the link "YouTube settings".

There you will find the link "Advanced" to the right of the profile picture. This link takes you to the advanced page.

Your current channel URL is listed under the “Channel Settings” heading. Click on "Create custom URL" immediately after this channel URL.

A small input mask opens in which you can enter the name of your choice as the new channel URL. Just send it with the button “Create channel URL” and you're done.

Conclusion on the right channel name and how to create a new YouTube channel

Having your own YouTube channel is a great thing. You can also quickly and easily get a new one if necessary Create a YouTube channel.

Your videos not only have to appear scattered around on YouTube, but your own individually designed channel gives you the opportunity to present your videos better. And thanks to the appropriately named YouTube channel, you can certainly make a name for yourself more easily.

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