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You can find current date information in the TISS LVA descriptions.

Registration and deregistration

Registration and deregistration are only possible via TISS. In solidarity with your fellow students and out of consideration for the administrative and material effort that arises from not canceling exams, please take the opportunity to cancel your registration in good time via TISS. This allows colleagues to move up from the waiting list and unnecessary paper consumption is prevented.

Time slots

In the case of main appointments, several time slots (time windows) are offered for the start, which can be selected when registering in TISS and must be adhered to. The institute staff cannot change the time slot.

Don't show up for the exam

Anyone who does not cancel the examination via TISS within the cancellation period must attend the examination date.


A case of illness is counted as an exception, please send an e-mail with a medical confirmation, name, matriculation number, type and date of the examination. You can then start normally on the following date.

Examination process

To speed up the process, we would like to point out the following points:

For the exam you only need a pen (pencils are not allowed!) And your student ID. Please clear all other items from the table. Paper will be made available to you if required. The use of mobile phones, scripts, learning materials, or other self-created aids is prohibited and leads to the exclusion from the examination. We will advise you 5 minutes before the end of the exam to double-check your answers. So it is not necessary that you use your phones as watches. Make sure you have your name and signature written on the question and answer sheet. If you finish earlier, please be quiet out of consideration for the colleagues who are still working. Unless otherwise stated, a row and a seat must be left free in order to fill the room well. We start with the seating arrangement in the front row.

Contemporary architecture - StEOP

As a StEOP exam, only two approaches are available for the contemporary architecture lecture exam.

Exam mode - contemporary architecture

Access to the TUWEL course on contemporary architecture is a basic requirement to take part in the exam dates. Registration for the lecture takes place via TISS. The student data is then manually transferred to the TUWEL, which can often delay this a little.

If you have any outstanding questions, please contact us by email. Inquiries that are self-explanatory on this page or that are sent to other e-mail addresses cannot be processed.



The current examination dates can be found in the TISS course description. All exams will be held in German. If you need further assistance or if you are not able to write the exam in German, please contact the institute prior to the exam.

Contact: Email

Registration and deregistration

The registration for the exams can only be done via TISS. Students who registered for an exam must attend the exam. Please deregister within the set timeframe to permit other students on the waiting to list take your place.

Time slots

For the main examination dates, there are time slots that can be chosen during the registration process. The chosen slots are mandatory and cannot be changed by the staff.

Not showing up for the exam:

If you cannot take part in the exam, please deregister via TISS within the given timeframe. If you do not show up at the examination date for which you registered, you may end up unable to register in the future.


If you're not capable of taking part in the exam due to illness, please write an email containing a doctor's certification, your name, student ID number, course name and examination date. You can take the exam the next time it is offered.

Examination procedure

In order to keep the procedure short, we want to point out the following issues:

For the exam you only need a pen (please note, using pencils is not allowed) and your student ID. Please put away all other personal belongings from the table. Additional paper will be provided, if needed. The use of mobile phones, manuscripts, additional learning material or other notes is prohibited and results in exclusion from the exam. We will inform you 5 minutes before the examination ends to check your answers and make sure that you have placed your answers in the answering sheet. Mobile phones are therefore not needed to check the time. Your name and your signature should be placed on the questionnaire and the answering sheet. If you finish before the examination time ends, please keep quiet out of respect for your colleagues. Please leave out one row and one seating place between you and your colleagues, unless instructed to do otherwise. Seating starts in the first row.

Contemporary Architecture -
Contemporary architecture - StEOP

If you choose Contemporary Architecture l as part of the StEOP you only have two attempts to pass the exam.

Exam mode - contemporary architecture:

The access to the TUWEL course of Contemporary Architecture l is necessary to attend the exams. The registration for course has to be done via TISS. After registration via TISS, the student data will be manually transferred by the staff of the institute into TUWEL. Please note that this may take some time.

If you have any further questions, please communicate with us via email. Inquiries regarding the contents of this FAQ and requests sent to different addresses will not be answered. ....