How to tummo internal fire meditation techniques


Tummo is our fire of wisdom. We have this warmth naturally in us, in the area below the navel chakra. But we are usually not aware of them and we do not use them. If we develop the right concentration and work with our inner fire, we can change completely.

Through visualizations, breathing techniques and movement we connect with our inner fire and enlarge it more and more. We work with our breath, bringing it to a higher level and thereby changing our blood. The warm blood in turn affects our hormones. We don't speak so much on an academic level, but when we cultivate the Tummo Fire and spread it all over the body, we can experience profound changes. We don't just visualize - it actually happens.

On the physical level, the internal fire is responsible for our body temperature - the heat of digestion and metabolism, the heat that causes chemical reactions and creates hormones. On the energetic level, the tummo fire makes its way through the channels, melting the most subtle blockages and spreading energy throughout the body. On the spiritual level, Tummo is the source of love, joy, happiness and bliss.

The flame arises below the navel. As it grows, it rises higher and higher, gently penetrating all main chakras and distributing itself into all channels and every single pore of our body.

The chakras are secret gates to our being. Opening them up and connecting with our Tummo Fire brings about great realizations. In this way we immerse ourselves in our inner wisdom. From this great presence we can see the true nature of our minds and realize unconditional love and compassion.

Tulku Lobsang has a very strong relationship with Tummo. Tummo is his specialty, and he has received all kinds of lineages. He is an incredibly capable, wise, and compassionate teacher. He openly shares this secret practice with us because he is convinced that it can be of great benefit in this day and age of degeneration. Tummo is a precious method of the Tantrayana tradition. If it is not taught and practiced, it can no longer be living teaching. Learning Tummo at Tulku Lobsang is therefore a wonderful and rare opportunity!

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