Where are Shyracks on Korriban





Average size

Shyracks are large, bat-like animals that live in Shyrack Cave in the Valley of the Dark Lords on Korriban. They fly incessantly in the air, which is also shown by the fact that they have no feet, and look terrifying with their huge mouth openings that appear like suction cups. Shyracks have no eyes.

Shyracks engage in constant fights with the Tuk'atas who also live on Korriban and who often attack them from the darkness. Compared to the dog-like predators, they are rather harmless, but always appear in packs and can become dangerous opponents, especially if you get into a fight between Shyracks and Tuk'atas. They also attack Sith acolytes, among others. When Shyracks attack supposed competitors or predators, they ram them with their powerful heads like battering rams and fly around the enemy to confuse him.

However, both Shyracks and Tuk'atas stay away from Ludo Kressh's grave, which is also located in the Shyrack cave and pulsates with dark power.

Every 63 years the Shyracks leave their caves every day in summer and populate the sky of Korriban. Due to their blue excretions, the red soil turns purple at this time. This phenomenon regularly attracted many biologists.