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Family dr. Kleist: Seasons and Episode Guide

All information about the ARD series

"Family Dr. Kleist" accompanies doctor Christian Kleist, who makes a fresh start after the death of his wife. You can find all information about the seasons and episode guides here.

The ARD series "Familie Dr. Kleist" is about the family man and doctor Dr. Christian Kleist, who puts down new roots in Eisenach with his family. After the death of his wife, a new chapter in life begins for the father and his children Piwi and Lisa.

Family dr. Kleist: Current broadcast dates

The series first aired in April 2004 on First. The series also aired on ONE, Romance TV and the public broadcasters like SWR and MDR. You can find all current broadcast dates in the following overview.

Carpe Diem

on May 22nd, 2021 at 10:55 a.m.

The whole family is excited about Marlene's return from Australia. But the joy of seeing each other quickly diminishes: overseas, Marlene fell in love with Gregor's doctor, Steve Brown. Although she loves her family and Christian, she cannot forget Steve. Christian is deeply hurt and ...

On MDR on May 22nd, 2021 at 10:55 a.m. as a live stream ›

In the last minute

on May 29th, 2021 at 10:55 a.m.

Christian tries to comfort the children for Marlene's absence, but feels himself abandoned by his wife. Just talking to the clinic's head of administration, Valerie Spengler, helps him get over the pain. Inge's work is becoming increasingly overwhelming ...

On MDR on May 29th, 2021 at 10:55 a.m. as a live stream ›

Family dr. Kleist: Episode guide and seasons

In Eisenachin, the home of Christian's uncle Johannes Kleist, the family returns to normal and also finds connections in matters of love. The school director Marlene Holstein becomes the new life partner and moves in with the Kleists. The new family constellation creates a lot of discussion and drama.

The episode guide for the Dr. Kleist comprises 9 seasons with 114 episodes. You can see the episode list of the individual seasons below.

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Season 9

2019 • 16 episodes

Christian has found his new wife in Tanja, but not everyone in the family is enthusiastic.

The season is not available as a stream
  • Marriage for advanced students

    First broadcast: August 10, 2020

    Christian and Tanja announce to the family that they want to get married. They want Michael to be their best man - after all, he put Tanja in practice at the time and is therefore "to blame" for the happiness of both of them. Everyone is enthusiastic, except for Christian's son Paul. Seemingly for no reason, he suddenly feels left out. Christian tries to find out what worries his son. Because, of course, you can only get married if the whole family agrees ... Christian has an emergency doctor call: Nicole Höppner survived an electric shock in the bathtub. What at first looks like an accident, on closer inspection, turns out to be the result of a serious illness. Christian must act quickly to save the woman's life. Tanja's patient Sina Drechsler is seven months pregnant. During a check-up, Tanja discovers fluid in the unborn child's chest. Without an operation in the womb, the unborn child will not survive - an operation that carries great risks.

  • Irresponsible

    First broadcast: August 10, 2020

    Christian and Tanja are very much looking forward to their wedding. Tanja hopes that her older daughter Luisa will come - but she is not sure, because her relationship with Luisa is anything but easy. Lotte has the real surprise ready: she wants to bring her new boyfriend Lenny to the wedding. Tanja would like to get to know the young man beforehand and invites him to dinner - but Tanja misses it. Lotte is pissed off ... Dr. Dietrich Frahm is Christian's colleague. They regularly take on each other's vacation replacement. When more and more patients came to Christian, who were told by Dr. Frahm have allegedly been treated incorrectly, Christian confronts his colleagues. Dr. Frahm weighs it down and blames it on his workload. Christian doesn't believe him and makes a disturbing discovery. Katharina Zabel comes to Tanja's practice, accompanied by her mother Bettina. The young girl has unusually severe pain in her abdomen. The examination reveals a malformation of the uterus. Katharina's life is in danger because the uterus is about to burst. The practice community gets a new member: Dr. Carolin Thelen. Carolin, who wants to do her specialist in general medicine, is attractive, happy and uncomplicated - and above all she is not on the lips. When she meets Timo - or rather Timo her - the radiologist reacts in a noticeably emotional way, which does not make the collaboration any easier.

  • Appearances are deceptive

    First broadcast: August 10, 2020

    Lotte is happy with Lenny and very much in love. But she knows that Tanja thinks her boyfriend is an unreliable riot. In order to get advice before the "first time", she trustingly turns to Christian. When Tanja finds out about this, she reacts angrily: she feels it is a breach of trust that Christian has not let her in and ultimately even questions the wedding plans. The tax assistant Anton Preetz comes to Christian's practice as a new patient - he suffers from nausea. The young man who devotedly cares for his sick mother appears strangely nervous to Christian. Anton's condition deteriorates rapidly and Christian realizes that his patient is hiding something from him. When the diagnosis is finally made, it is almost too late. The new member of the team, Dr. Carolin Thelen, needs a little more time to get used to her new job as a doctor and the practice community. She is particularly challenged by the older patient Agnes Zilinsky, because the spirited pensioner makes no secret of her low level of trust in the young doctor's skills. When Carolin and Agnes seriously clash and the patient no longer wants to be treated by Carolin, Christian has to intervene.

  • Ice age

    First broadcast: August 10, 2020

    Tanja is completely surprised when her daughter Luisa suddenly shows up in Eisenach. But the joy of reunion is quickly clouded because Luisa accuses her mother of having destroyed her family. Tanja, who has withheld the real reason for divorce from her daughters in order to protect them, hesitates to come out with it, which leads to the argument and drives Luisa out into the freezing night. Oliver Kröger is the father of 15-year-old Ronja, who has had to live with one or the other parent on a regular basis for two years due to a bitter custody dispute. Oliver's new partner Kerstin Wallner wants to move in with father and daughter. But Ronja reacts jealously, and her father stands between the chairs. The situation escalates when Ronja injures herself and the wound does not stop bleeding - and Tanja discovers a lot of bruises on the girl's body. The pensioner Horst Hillmann comes to the practice because of a heel spur. Christian quickly notices that the former teacher, who is missing his job, has health problems. The patient suffers from great insecurity while walking. With the help of the young colleague Dr. Carolin Thelen searches Christian for the cause. Hillmann falls again and is hospitalized with a life-threatening injury.

  • For this moment

    First broadcast: August 10, 2020

    Today is the big day: Tanja and Christian will say yes. The wedding preparations are complete, the family is complete. Actually nothing should go wrong anymore. But on the way to the practice, Christian is almost run over by Andreas Tauber, who rumbles onto the sidewalk in his car, an old Wartburg: severe pain in his wrist made him lose control of his car. Andreas definitely wants to win the upcoming "Thuringia Tour" with his oldtimer - especially because he wants to outdo his girlfriend Britta's ex-boyfriend, who is also participating. After a thorough investigation, Christian urgently advises Andreas not to participate. He has to take care of his wrist. Failure to do so can, in the worst case, lead to irreparable joint stiffening or even amputation. Andreas leave the risks cold, he pursues his goal undeterred and thereby puts his and Britta's life in danger. There is also an emergency in the practice: Tanja's heavily pregnant patient Sabine Ellerbrock only wanted to go to the toilet briefly when she noticed that the amniotic sac had burst and the birth began.

  • Fathers and daughters

    First broadcast: August 10, 2020
  • The foster child

    First broadcast: August 10, 2020

    Tanja and Christian are surprised - Luisa is suddenly at the door again. What they do not yet suspect: Luisa wants to stay in Eisenach. Lotte is not at all enthusiastic about it, because her boyfriend Lenny flirts openly with her older sister ... Christian and Michael treat Miriam Reichardt together. The young woman suffers from a serious blood disease. If no suitable stem cell donor is found, she dies. The single mother is very worried about her six-year-old son Finn. She has only recently been back in Germany and has no one to look after him. Michael suggests that the boy be admitted to the villa during treatment. When a suitable donor is finally found, it turns out that he has a flu-like infection and that a donation will therefore not be possible as quickly. Will Miriam survive the wait? Christian observes Michael's commitment to Miriam and her son Finn with skepticism - is his friend losing the necessary distance to a patient?

  • False friends

    First broadcast: August 10, 2020
  • Dropouts

    First broadcast: August 10, 2020
  • Sweet secrets

    First broadcast: August 10, 2020
  • Bitter luck

    First broadcast: August 10, 2020
  • Foreign matter

    First broadcast: August 10, 2020

    The cat is out of the bag: Piwi is gay. While the female part of the family seems to have no problem at all and Christian has overcome his initial problems, things are a little different with Christian's younger son Paul. Paul's sister Clara wants to be there for her big brother, comes to Eisenach and tries to mediate. Then Piwi's wife Anke is at the door. Deeply hurt, she simply does not want to admit that her husband and father of her child are actually supposed to be homosexual. When she tries to kiss him, Piwi makes it very clear to her that he no longer wants to. Anke threatens to take Ben away from him. That alarms Christian. Christian deals with two cases in the practice: on the one hand, that of a young patient with dangerous lung problems and, on the other hand, that of Markus - the husband of Nora's clinic assistant. Especially Markus worries him a lot. He suffers from rapid vision and hearing loss and develops a whole list of other non-specific symptoms. Nora is very afraid for her husband and her colleagues suffer with her. The doctors try to solve the puzzle together.

  • At the limit

    First broadcast: August 10, 2020
  • Lovemaking

    First broadcast: August 10, 2020
  • Big decisions

    First broadcast: August 10, 2020
  • Help!

    First broadcast: August 10, 2020

List of the Dr. Kleist episodes

season 1

episodeGerman titleOriginal titleFirst broadcast 
1x1Back to the beginningEpisode 113.04.2004
1x2ConfidentialityEpisode 220.04.2004
1x3The dream of flyingEpisode 327.04.2004
1x4Afraid for ElenaEpisode 404.05.2004
1x5take farewellEpisode 511.05.2004
1x6BuriedEpisode 618.05.2004
1x7Detours of loveEpisode 725.05.2004
1x8A festival with consequencesEpisode 801.06.2004
1x9Courage for the truthEpisode 908.06.2004
1x10Single-handedlyEpisode 1015.06.2004
1x11Days of worryEpisode 1122.06.2004
1x12Forbidden loveEpisode 1229.06.2004
1x13Everything will be fineEpisode 1313.07.2004

season 2

episodeGerman titleOriginal titleFirst broadcast 
2x1Family happinessEpisode 111.04.2006
2x2Love and sufferingEpisode 218.04.2006
2x3Heart in needEpisode 325.04.2006
2x4End of the line longingEpisode 402.05.2006
2x5Disco rideEpisode 509.05.2006
2x6Venetian dreamsEpisode 616.05.2006
2x7Children's heartsEpisode 726.03.2006
2x8Shared flatsEpisode 806.06.2006
2x9The hard heartEpisode 911.05.2006
2x10In the abyssEpisode 1018.07.2006
2x11Class reunionEpisode 1125.07.2006
2x12lightning strikeEpisode 1201.08.2006
2x13Deadly dangerEpisode 1308.08.2006

season 3

episodeGerman titleOriginal titleFirst broadcast 
3x1What a dayEpisode 104.11.2008
3x2Motherly loveEpisode 211.11.2008
3x3DisastersEpisode 318.11.2008
3x4Addition to the familyEpisode 425.11.2008
3x5Bitter truthEpisode 502.12.2008
3x6SecrecyEpisode 609.12.2008
3x7ScamEpisode 716.12.2008
3x8Chaos of feelingsEpisode 806.01.2009
3x9heart painEpisode 913.01.2009
3x10In dire needEpisode 1020.01.2009
3x11UpsetEpisode 1127.01.2009
3x12Visual disturbancesEpisode 1209.02.2009
3x13Ultimate testEpisode 1310.02.2009

Season 4

episodeGerman titleOriginal titleFirst broadcast 
4x1The heart of the familyEpisode 102.11.2010
4x2New waysEpisode 209.11.2010
4x3In the middle of lifeEpisode 316.11.2010
4x4Not so easy with loveEpisode 423.11.2010
4x5HeadacheEpisode 530.11.2010
4x6Cry for helpEpisode 607.12.2010
4x7Hope and trembleEpisode 714.12.2010
4x8The circusEpisode 821.12.2010
4x9SadnessEpisode 911.01.2011
4x10Carpe DiemEpisode 1018.01.2011
4x11In the last minuteEpisode 1125.01.2011
4x12The foundlingEpisode 1201.02.2011
4x13Finally unitedEpisode 1308.02.2011

Season 5

episodeGerman titleOriginal titleFirst broadcast 
5x1BeginningsEpisode 129.10.2013
5x2Gut feelingEpisode 205.11.2013
5x3Piwi's homecomingEpisode 312.11.2013
5x4SistersEpisode 426.11.2013
5x5Deep fallEpisode 503.12.2013
5x6retreatEpisode 610.12.2013
5x7dreamsEpisode 707.01.2014
5x8Dark cloudsEpisode 814.01.2014
5x9The thing about loveEpisode 921.01.2014
5x10fearsEpisode 1028.01.2014
5x11WoundsEpisode 1104.02.2014
5x12responsibilityEpisode 1218.02.2014
5x13PoisonEpisode 1325.02.2014

Season 6

episodeGerman titleOriginal titleFirst broadcast 
6x1Turning pointEpisode 120.09.2016
6x2A difficult birthEpisode 227.09.2016
6x3All beginningEpisode 304.10.2016