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The gated SPECT examination is a special scintigraphic examination. A scintigraphy creates images of the heart. The doctor can use these images to determine how well the heart is working.

In a scintigraphy, the doctor injects medicine into a blood vessel. The drug then enters the heart via the blood. A special camera measures how the drug has distributed in the heart.

In a SPECT examination, the camera rotates around the patient during the examination. 3D images of the heart are then created on the computer. The doctor sees from all directions where the heart is well supplied with blood and where it is not.

During the examination, the doctor measures the currents of the heart. The heart currents make the heart beat and pump blood. With the measured heart currents, the doctor can record the scintigraphic images at a specific point in time with the rotating camera. This form of scintigraphy is called gated SPECT.

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