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HIMYM: "How I Met Your Mother": "Barney" also wants the end

"How I Met Your Mother": But not a ninth season? Will the "HIMYM" fans have to do without Barney's sayings, Ted and Robin's love life, Marshall's and Lilly's episodes in the near future? It looks quite like this. Not so long ago, the broadcaster CBS was toying with expanding the hit series for a ninth season.

HIMYM makers: "Quitting after season eight would be great"

But now everything seems different: According to US media reports, the makers of the series, Carter Bays and Craig Thomas, are still negotiating with CBS, but were less than enthusiastic about a sequel: "To quit after season eight would be great. We as authors have something inside of us that is drawn to it. It's exciting. We get the opportunity to answer everything, "said Craig Thomas.

"How I Met Yopur Mother": Not a new season?

And further: "Each episode of the season would be a lot more important." There is "something exciting, very nostalgic and sad about it" to think about it, but that makes it all the more exciting to finish the series as soon as possible. After the announced departure of Marshall alias Jason Segel, the next shock for fans of the cult series.

Harris wants to move

Now the Barney actor Neil Patrick Harris has also commented. Apparently he doesn't want to continue either. He hoped that there would be no ninth season, he told the "Toronto Sun". On the one hand, he gives private reasons: Harris wants to move from California, where the film is being shot, to the east coast of the USA. On the other hand, he and the other main actors are "ready for something new". It looks like an end for HIMYM. (bs)

The best Barney sayings from "How I Met Your Mother" 1/11
  • Imagine if I were Yoda. But instead of being small and green, I wear suits and I'm great. I am your brother, I am Broda.

  • The only reason to wait a month for sex is when the little one is 17 years and 11 months old.

  • Big responsibility grows out of a big penis.

  • When I find myself getting sad, I stop being sad and become great instead. A true story.

  • There are only two reasons to start over with an ex: Breast implants!

  • You're not dragging a date to a wedding, it's like taking a deer carcass with you to hunt!

  • How to run a marathon: step one, you start running. There is no second step.

  • If it was a shame to get a pedicure as a man, then there certainly wouldn't have been a special about it in GQ magazine.

  • Suits are for the living. If one day I die, I will leave this world as I entered it. Splinter-fiber naked. Oh yeah, it's going to be great. An open bar for the men and an open coffin for the ladies.

  • In all my travels I have found: the best things always happen after two o'clock in the morning, because after two o'clock things - dear listeners repeat after me - become legendary!

  • Come on, this is the perfect opportunity to meet our soulmates, jump into the box with them, and then never call them again!