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Liquid gas tank - what do you have to consider?

Buy or rent a liquid gas tank?

To buy! If you have your home withLiquefied petroleum gas If you want to heat, then you have the choice between buying a liquid gas tank or renting it. Based on our many years of experience and the feedback from former rental customers, we can only advise you to buy the liquid gas tank.

In the case of a rental tank, there are no “high” investment costs for the time being, but you have tomonthly rent and one oftensignificantly higher price per liter be accepted for your liquid gas in the long term.


TheRental tank is located atProperty of correspondingUtility company and may only be filled by this. Other liquefied gas suppliers are allowedDo not fill someone else's property without permission. The corresponding supply company thus has a decisive advantage and unfortunately also uses it in the form ofinflated prices out.

If you are in such a contractual relationship and are dissatisfied with the excessive liter prices, there are only those lefttermination and the one with itassociated dismantling ofRental tanks. As a rule, it is contractually stipulated that thecustomer after termination of the lease thecosts For theDismantling the gas tank has to bear, whereby you incur additional costs when dismantling the rental tank.


This is the case with many liquefied gas providersmonthly rental price between 10 and 20 euros. In comparison to the purchase price, this sum appears to be relatively small at first. However, it should be borne in mind that such a container has avery long period is used and thereby theRental costs in the end mostlysignificantly higher failas thePurchase price.


PeriodPrice rangeAverage rental price (15 €)
Monthly rental price10 - 20€15 €
Annual rental price120 - 240€180 €
Rental price over 5 years600 - 1.200€900 €
Rent for 10 years1.200 - 2.400€1.800 €

When is the purchase price worthwhile in relation to the monthly rental costs? *

* Pure comparison of the rental price compared to the purchase price - the significant price difference is not visualized here.

PeriodPrice range (rental costs)Price range (purchase price)
1 year120 - 240 €1.650 - 3.250 €
5 years600 - 1.200 €1.650 - 3.250 €
ten years1.200 - 2.400 €1.650 - 3.250 €
11 years1.320 - 2.640 €1.650 - 3.250 €

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