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Streaming Netflix Abroad: Everything You Need to Know

You can now stream Netflix content over the Internet in over 190 countries worldwide. For you in Germany there are of course other films and series than in Australia or South Africa, for example. If you Netflix abroad want to use, there are therefore a few things to consider. Even if you move to another country, there are changes that you should take into account.

Use Netflix abroad: Different content awaits you

If you want to stream during a trip, you need a stable internet connection, as in Germany. Netflix abroad basically works like Netflix in Germany. But what will definitely change is the streaming offer.

If you are in the European Union (EU) and want to use Netflix, you first have access to all films and series as in your home town. The audio playback and subtitle options are also the same. But only for a limited time. Netflix differentiates between 'vacationers' and 'emigrants'.

Difference between EU and non-EU

When you are on holiday in another EU country, you have nothing to fear at first. It doesn't matter whether you are in Italy, Greece or Ireland. You have access to your Netflix content as usual. But that changes after a while. After this limited period, which is not specified by Netflix, the streaming offer will be switched to the respective country in which you are located. However, Netflix states that you will be informed about the time of the change.

In non-EU countries, for example in Australia or Japan, you have no way of simply accessing German Netflix content. There you have to be satisfied with the content of the respective country or use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) access.

Further changes

Even if you have downloaded tracks on your smartphone or tablet, you may not be able to watch them in certain countries. In addition, different age restrictions for films may apply abroad. You may have to enter your PIN in order to be able to watch certain films and series.

If you're moving to another country that has Netflix, there are also a few things to consider. The monthly fees, the billing currency and the available payment methods vary from country to country. Netflix will still issue your bill abroad in euros. If you'd prefer to be billed in local currency, you can only do so by deleting your account and then reactivating it in the new country.

Conclusion: Netflix is ​​almost everywhere

It should be noted that there are some restrictions for you if you want to use Netflix abroad. There are very few countries where you cannot receive Netflix. You can find an overview on the Netflix website. The prices for your Netflix subscription are suddenly reduced - that's behind it. And do you already know the funny new Netflix show "The Floor Is Lava"?