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How to use cocoa butter in the kitchen

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The guide we will create in the three steps below will focus on using the Cocoa butter. As you already understood by reading the simple title of the guide, we will explain step by step how to use the butter from Cocoa in the kitchenI'll give you a few tips and ideas. We'll start looking at this interesting topic right away.
Cocoa butter is a product obtained from the seeds of the cocoa plant and is generally used for making beauty products, but also in the confectionery industry for making chocolate. This lets us understand how much this means normal hour products for us cocoa butter is primarily rich in vegetable fats and extract it with treatments ad high temperatures and high Press. Mainly it is recognized by his white or yellowish appearance and for its softness due to its melting temperature, which is about thirty degrees.

Where can I find this?

The first aspect to consider when talking about cocoa butter is the places to find it as it cannot be found in the supermarket as it is an essentially unusual product.
Cocoa butter can be found in some pastry shops, especially in chocolate making. Besides, cocoa butter is also available in stores that sell natural food products or exotic products or even herbal medicines.

Use in the kitchen

In the kitchen, cocoa butter has a place in various types of food and can be a key ingredient or simply a preparation aid. This vegetable fat is mainly used in the preparation of desserts, such as: B. already mentioned for chocolate, but is well suited for any type of dessert with even better qualities than margarine, for example. In addition, this product is widely used in vegetarian and vegan kitchens as it is a worthy substitute for butter, which is of animal origin.
Also, the best pastry chefs prefer it because it is free of substances like hydrogenated fats, and it turns out to be more cracks, and because it leaves a cocoa taste or aftertaste in the mouth when used with many ingredients.

Its qualities

Cocoa butter can be chosen because of its excellent properties over other products. In fact, this butter is very rich in antioxidants which are great for health, and it has excellent vegetable fats that are good for the skin and have protective functions. Another point in favor of cocoa butter is the smoke point, which is much higher than that of other fat products, which is around 230 degrees and is therefore better than butter and olive oil. Other fundamental points are the lack of cholesterol, which makes it a wholesome product.
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