Christina grabski how did she die

Christina Grimmie (†): Your killer was already practicing for the wedding

Kevin Loibl shot Christina Grimmie last Friday. Apparently an act of desperation, because the singer simply did not want to return his love

At the age of only 22 he was Christina Grimmie Shot a few days ago during an autograph session. Little by little, more and more details about the circumstances come to light: Her killer was totally obsessed with the singer.

He begged for her attention

Kevin Loibl, who fired the fatal shots, was totally infatuated with her. As reported by "TMZ", he did everything to get her attention, wanted to win her affection. As friends of the young man told the online portal, he was so fond of Christina that he even underwent hair transplant surgery and a vegan diet for her.

He wanted to marry her

Work colleagues of the 27-year-old, who judged himself after his cruel act, also want to know that he listened to Christina's music all day and was already rehearsing how he would one day say yes to her. When Kevin found out that the former "The Voice" candidate was in steady hands, he is said to have become very angry. This anger reached its sad climax on last Friday ...

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