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Blame [Tim Drake x Reader]

Requested by @clenf: “I LOVE YOUR BLOG !!! Can you do some REALLY sad angst with Tim maybe and break my heart? Please? ”

AT: Here, here’s your fear. I've joined the dark side guys where are my cookies ?!

Warning: Fear, death


Tim may not get along the best with Damian but you had a different relationship with him. You trusted the other a lot, you had become like an older sister to him. Also because you're not one of Bruce’s adopted kids who all live in the same place, you treat him differently than the others. Tim honestly was fund at your relationship with him, not that he’d ever admit that.

So, when he came to you asking for help on a mission you couldn't help but hear him out. He told you about an abandoned warehouse where he believed some of Count Vertigo’s goons to be making a hand off of a new experimental version of Vertigo for a good chunk of change.

You were a bit hesitant when he said it’d just be the both of you after all of his brothers and Bruce had said it would be too dangerous to go in on so little information. You were about to decline for the same reasons but he guilted you into it.

"Fine, I'll come. But only because you said we can handle it ”Throwing your hands in the air in defeat.

“Great, thank you [L / n]. Just one thing, don't tell Drake "he nodded at you, but you raised an eyebrow suspiciously. "Why?"

Damian diverted his eyes from yours, "Well, uh, we haven’t gotten to do a mission together in a while and Drake would just come knowing his beloved was going." You knew Damian thought of you as a sister but you never realized how much until now.

You smiled and nodded at him, "Okay I won't tell Tim." Not knowing you’d regret those words later on.

You were suiting up to meet Damian the night of the mission he had planned. Though Tim walked in and gave you a questioning look. “What are you suiting up for? We don't have patrol tonight. "

He watched as you holstered your pistol, "I promised Damian to join him on patrol tonight." Though he pouted at you, making you laugh "But I was looking forward to just having some us time." Walking over to him, taking his face in your hands and pressing a kiss to his lips "Don't worry I'll be back later, promise. Then we can have all of the us time you like. I love you ”saying before kissing him once more.

He had his hands on your hips, "Okay just be careful." Reluctantly releasing you from his grip. As you walked over to the window with fire escape access. "Hey!" He stopped you as you had one leg out of the window. He walked over and kissed you once more, "I love you too"

Smiling you kissed his cheek before slipping into the night. Meeting Damian on the roof of your apartment building.

"Ready?" He asked as you pulled yourself over the edge, feet landing on the roof. “Yeah, lead the way” gesturing for him to do so.

He began to jump roofs as you followed closely. Coming up on a warehouse that matched the one Damian had told you about prior to the mission. "This it?" Standing next to him on the roof. He nodded as you examined the area.

“We can slip in through those windows. I looked up the blueprints before tonight, there should be a catwalk that we can survey from. ” Pointing toward a set of dark windows. Damian nodded before making his way over as you did the same.

Once there you carefully pushed the window open before slipping inside and onto the catwalk. You both looked around the area, “I don't see anything. Should we drop down? " Looking at the boy at your side through your mask. He nodded and you both stealthily dropped behind some crates. Pointing your gun you peered around the crate.

"Clear" you whispered as he poked his head over. "Tt, I do not understand. There was supposed to be a deal going down. " Damian said walking out from behind the crate. Though you heard a familiar click, "Robin get down!" You yelled both of you jumping back behind the crates as bullets went flying around you.

"Shit" You breathed before peering around when the bullets stopped, but the second you did they began again. “We're outnumbered! You said there were only going to be a few! " Yelling over the noise of the bullets. “There were, they must’ve learned we were coming. This was a trap! "

You rested your head against the crate, "You call the others for back up I'll try and pick as many off as I can." Ordering while taking out a second gun. You were a pretty good shot having learned from Jason. Of which had made Tim a bit jealous and made it that much more fun, but right now was anything but fun.

Your arms extended in front of you, shooting off multiple rounds from each gun. Not knowing the number you had taken out. You had dropped down to fast to count. But your angle was terrible, you needed to get a place for a better shot. "I'm going to try and get behind those crates for a better angle."

"No it's too dangerous! I'm contacting the others now. " Damian argued. "If I don’t we’ll both be dead before they get here. Take this and draw their fire away, but stay behind this crate. " Looking directly at him, like you could see right through his mask. Damian nodded and took the ankle gun you had outstretched to him.

He held it before saying, "Ready .. GO!" As soon as he said that he drew the fire away from your path as you sprinted, but one of the gunmen caught on, landing a bullet to your calf and another in your forearm. You yelled before diving behind the other set of crates. "[F / n]!" Damian cried having seen you go down. Not realizing he had gotten a hold of his family.

"Dammit!" yelling through grit teeth. “I'm good” waving to him, tearing your sleeve off then in half, and tying the cloths around your leg and arm.

"Damian, [F / n] what the hell is going on ?!" Jason could be heard through the coms.

"Damian and I were lead into a trap, we need backup now" You talked into the com, your voice strained with pain.

"[F / n] are you okay ?!" Tim asked frantically, you smiled hearing his voice "Well I'm not comfortable, just get here fast guys"

"We're on our way, we have your coordinates. Sit tight ” Dick said.

Though right then another spray of bullets whizzed by. "Not sure that's an option." Pressing against the crate further.

"We're on our way, hang in there" Bruce confirmed before the line went dead.

"ROBIN!" Catching Damian's attention. He looked over at you. You pointed to your gun and gestured the way you were going to shoot. Signaling that he should come over when you start firing. He nodded. Signaling ‘1… 2… 3’ turning and shooting over the crates. As he ran Damian threw an explosive toward the direction of the gunmen.

Once most of the gunmen were down, you both moved to hand to hand to knock the rest out. You were both working well as a team taking out most of the men.

But after knocking one of them out you saw one of them sneaking up behind Damian. Knowing you were out of bullets you rushed over. "Robin behind you!" Yelling before pushing him away from the man. Catching the his arm, the knife inches from your abdomen.

Damian was still reeling from being pushed out of the way as you tried to hold the man’s arm back as hard as you could. But your arm was weakened from the earlier bullets. With one forceful lunge the knife plunged into your flesh and pulled out with a twist, making the blow that much worse.

Clutching your abdomen you stumbled backwards and onto the ground. "[F / n]!" you heard Tim yell after hearing a batarang whiz by, knocking the man out. "Oh my god [F / n]" Tim appeared in your vision, pushing down on the wound.

"Ti-" You tried to speak but were cut off by a cough, blood coming up with it. “No, no, no! You have to stay with me! [F / n] keep your eyes open! " Frantically trying to keep your fading attention. “Tim” you smiled up at him. "Yeah I'm right here sweets, hang on, okay?"

Your smile didn't fade, "I'm sorry, I promised I'd come home tonight." A tear streamed down your cheek. Tim had tears soaking his face, "No don’t talk like that" he shook his head. "We have to do something, now!" Tim looked up at the others who only gave him solemn expressions. The amount of blood you lost, you wouldn’t make it to the nearest hospital let alone the batcave.

"Tim" you said before coughing up more blood. “I love you, okay. We both know I've lost too much blood. I need you to promise you’ll live, even without me. Please I need you to promise me that. Let me go knowing you’ll keep living for me ”More tears escaping your eyes as your breathing began to become labored. "Please"

He nodded, “I promise I will try my best. I love you so much! " pressing his forehead to yours.

"I love you too" saying before glancing at everyone "All of you." Tim quickly pressed his lips to yours for the last time. When he pulled away the light left your eyes as your body went limp. “[F / n]! [F / n]! " Tim yelled shaking your body. All of their hearts dropped out of their chest.

“Tim” Bruce placed a hand on his shoulder “She’s gone” forcing himself to utter the words.

Sniffling he wiped his eyes, looking at you. Before turning to Damian, rage built up in him. "This is your fault!" pointing an accusing finger at him.

"Tim!" Dick yelled grabbing his shoulder. “What Dick ?! It is, we told him this was dangerous! And he dragged her into this! He-he .. ”He stopped short, trying to hold back his emotions.

“Drake I'm sorry I had no intention of -” Damian tried to start but was cut off “Are you ?! If you would’ve thought about the consequences this never would’ve happened! But no, you just had to because you can't take a goddamn order! " Tim screamed, voice filled to the brim with rage, brokenness, and sorrow. "

“I-I” Damian stuttered, a lump in his throat chocking him. “No! I don’t want to hear it. I know we may not get along but I always considered you my brother, but now .. I can't even look at you ”Tim finished the conversation. Turning to see Jason had already lifted your lifeless body and went to get you back to the batcave. Leaving just him, Damian, Dick, and Bruce. Tim looked at Bruce and Dick, mumbling “Don't follow me” before grappling out of the warehouse.

A broken man.

Leaving the others behind. Leaving with Damian with his head hung shamefully. What had he done?

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