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Doctor forges the death certificates

From Johanna and Frank Wahlig

Several times a hospital doctor, Dr. M., death certificates in Bavaria on the instructions of the chief physician. The patients had died of cancer, cardiac or circulatory problems. Dr. M. should rewrite the death certificate as "Corona". Retrospectively. His conscience plagues him. Then it's enough for him. "This is forgery of documents!", He says and refuses this service. Readers of our column, whose relatives are said to have died in clinics with a negative corona test "to or with corona", confirm this suspicion. The question of "why?" Arises from the question: "Whom are the wrong corona deaths good for?"

Commission on death certificate

There is no pandemic-related excess mortality in the 2020 corona year. This is confirmed by federal agencies and statisticians, as Göran Kauermann from the LMU Munich confirms in FOCUS Online. "When evaluating the death rates of previous years compared to last year, we saw that, over the whole year, there was hardly any significant excess mortality in all of Germany."

The flu deaths are also "extinct". The health authorities in Berlin have been reporting five confirmed cases of flu for the 2020/21 flu season since autumn.

"Corona" has been on the death certificate since 2020.

Older people often spend their last days and weeks in homes and clinics. Alone. If the relatives then receive news of the death of the relatives, the surprise is sometimes great. Cancer, cardiac and circulatory failure is not on the death certificate after a long, known illness: The number of old people for whom "Corona" or "Covid-19" is on the death certificate is high. Even after several negative corona tests.

Lawyer Cornelia from Bavaria, entrepreneur Iris from Brandenburg, a geriatric nurse from Berlin: Your elderly and sick relatives died with many underlying diseases despite negative corona tests according to the death certificate of "Covid-19".

Falsifying death certificates can be viewed as an administrative offense or false certification according to Section 271 of the Criminal Code. Imprisonment: three months to five years. The doctors in question have one foot in jail: If treatment for Covid 19 disease has not taken place in advance because the disease may not have existed at all. This would then even be interpreted as a failure to take appropriate treatment. And if a commission should be obtained afterwards for a possibly non-existent illness, this would even be assessed as fraud according to §263 StGB.

Who are the false corona dead good for?

The criminal behavior of the doctors seems desirable. In the general pandemic situation, keeping the corona death rate high is of benefit to government and politicians on the one hand. The more impressive the number of infections and deaths, the higher the acceptance of the state-prescribed corona measures. Whether at the local health department, in the state or at the federal level.

"Doctors and clinics may also want to make themselves popular with the pharmaceutical industry," speculates Dr. M., the doctor from Bavaria. “They dance to the tune of the pharmaceutical lobby,” he says. In obedience in advance.

The doctor from Bavaria was asked five times to retrospectively rewrite death certificates "to Corona". From the clinic management. Then he refuses the service of this “manipulative investigation” and advises the chief doctor to commit this crime himself.

Clinics and undertakers also make money

Not only the hospital doctors issued Covid death certificates retrospectively, says Dr. M. Family doctors, clinic managers and health authorities also provide support. "If the death certificates are manipulated, then the number of infections is wrong and neither is the number of deaths," says the doctor from Bavaria.

Of course, there are no official instructions and accounts for fake death certificates, says the hospital doctor. However, if a patient dies on or with corona, clinics such as the Charité receive retrospective 40 to 80 euros for an infection that is subsequently detected. Commission by death certificate. Will a “corona treatment” be billed retrospectively for the patients who are subsequently reported as “infected”? There is no information about this. Whether the patients subsequently reported as "infected" are included in the statistics like the "false corona deaths"? The suspicion is obvious! As the last link in the chain of counterfeiting, the undertakers also earn money. The costs for the “last trip” increase with each “Corona death certificate”.

Anyone who would like to report "collateral damage" from their professional or private life: Confidential and personal, by e-mail to [email protected]

Johanna Wahlig is a political scientist, journalist and entrepreneur. Frank Wahlig is a historian and was the ARD capital correspondent for 30 years.
Image: asiandelight / Shutterstock
Text: Johanna and Frank Wahlig


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