What are the anode and cathode streamers

Anodes for metal extraction - uncompromisingly high quality.

JL Goslar Anoden GmbH was founded in March 2014. It is a company of the JL Goslar Group.

Anodes have been manufactured at JL Goslar GmbH since the 1960s. This initially resulted in an independent profit center in the areas of development, production and sales. The steadily growing success culminated in the establishment of a subsidiary - JL Goslar Anoden GmbH. That's how it flows metallurgical expertise for decades in the manufacture of anodes for electroplating.

With our complete lead anodes and anode sheets for Metal extraction electrolyses we face the growing demands on the quality and economy of operating resources, as well as the individual customer requirements.

Our anodes are only used in Rolling process manufactured.
The advantages: an improved density and grain structure, and a significantly longer service life compared to cast anodes. Our anodes impress with their high efficiency, low load on the electrolysis baths and lower power consumption. We are in constant contact with research and technology and develop strong concepts for the optimal use of our lead anodes in your electrolysis plant.

As experts in economical and environmentally friendly industrial production, we also advise you comprehensively on all questions relating to your Anode recycling program.


Always keeping an eye on safety, quality and the environment

At JL Goslar, an integrated management system has been firmly anchored in all processes and structures since the mid-1990s. JL Goslar Anoden GmbH also introduced and implemented an integrated management system in the course of the first year - the requirements for quality, environmental protection and occupational safety are equally taken into account.


We have been a since October 2015 certified company according to ISO 9001-2008, ISO 14001-2004 and OHSAS 18001-2007, as well as a recognized Member of the Saxony-Anhalt Environmental Alliance.


Progress instead of standstill

In a continuous improvement process, we want to develop ourselves and our products further in order to be an even better partner for our environment, our customers and employees!


JL Goslar forms the basis of our corporate policy and the resulting code of conduct Corporate valuesthat form the basis of our culture. The values ​​influence our daily behavior. The given Code of Conduct is a more concrete addition to it.