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WhatsApp smileys meaning

What do the Chinese characters mean on WhatsApp and what is the meaning behind the colorful symbols. Meanwhile, there are a number of different smileys and characters on Android and iOS and while the classic emoji are certainly known to everyone, there are many more symbols on the other pages or under the tabs. This includes not only classic emoji in the form of laughing, crying or angry faces but also colored symbols on which you can recognize Chinese characters. If you don't speak Chinese yourself and someone sends you the symbol, the question of what it means quickly arises.

What do the Chinese symbols on WhatsApp mean?

Did he just send me the symbol or should the real meaning of the Chinese smileys tell me something? Even if we cannot answer that, we have summarized the meanings of the Chinese and Japanese symbols for you. Incidentally, the symbols are not only available on iOS and Android, but also other emoji have the same meaning as, for example, on the Windows Phone or on the PC with Windows or the Mac.

That was just a little foretaste, under the linked picture you will find the meaning behind the smileys from China and Japan explained in more detail.

Incidentally, the color differs from system to system, while the one icon under iOS on the iPhone and iPad is shown in green, the designers at Google for Android use completely different colors.