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Jesus Floats In My Mind - Hymn Lyrics

Jesus just floats in thought
Jesus always kept in mind:
I will never waver from him,
because i'm here in life.
He is meneer eyes willow,
my soul's most beautiful ornament:
I love Jesus for and for.

Jesus sparkles in my heart
like a golden star;
he drives my fear and pain away,
he is mine and i am his;
so I take it with joy,
if I am to leave;
he is the light of my life:
I do not leave Jesus from me.

I swore to Jesus
since I am pure from sins
and anew was born
in holy baptism mine;
I want to be faithful to him too
and let rule in everything,
be it life or death:
Jesus helps out of every need.

I want Jesus with me
when I go out and in;
consolation and grace of his spirit
rest in the shrine of my heart;
yes, when I go to bed
or Jesus early and late
Protection and advice for my souls.

I will have Jesus counsel,
who can advise best;
may he bless my deeds,
that I start happily
that in his dear name
All be happy and amen;
everything will be fine
if only Jesus helps.

Jesus, my youth leader
and rulers of my mind
will also be my comforter,
when I'm old and powerless
when my limbs bend
and the sun of life goes down
when darkens my face:
I do not leave my Jesus.

Jesus is supposed to suffer in all
be my faithful assistant;
nothing, nothing should separate me from him;
there should be no heartache,
no tribulation, no pain
tear him from my heart:
if we're about to break my heart
yet I do not leave Jesus.

Jesus live, Jesus die
To be unique to Jesus,
and inherit there with Jesus:
this is my gain alone.
I want to be and stay Jesus,
nothing, nothing should drive me away from him;
I leave blood, good and honor right away:
Still never Jesus.