How to get from guayaquil to montanita

My travel diary

In the afternoon, a street guy braided a strand of color into our hair. Lucia had previously made another Rasta, which she now had to decorate with thread and stones. The guy was really great and even danced a sequence of salsa with me. Since the whole procedure took so long, we met a Swiss woman from Zurich. It was completely weird to speak Swiss German again with someone else like Lucia. She said you'd see each other again in the evening anyway, it's so manageable here that you keep meeting the same people. After that we walked less than 3 minutes to the beach. It was wonderful to see the sea again. Unfortunately, the weather still doesn't play along. It's cloudy and not extremely warm. We now make it dependent on tomorrow's weather whether we stay longer or continue up the coast where it should get warmer and warmer.

On this evening we learned: you only have to join the locals, then you can get in everywhere and without paying anything:
First we were approached by a guy who handed us a flyer for a party. He immediately introduced us to another Chilean who is also on vacation here. He in turn invited us with 3 other girls from the U.S.A. to a beach lounge, where he mixed all the rum with cola. Since I'm still on antibiotics and a "pre-drink", as he called it, seems to me to be useless, I declined with thanks. Lucia did the same to me. After a few minutes we said goodbye to go to the party mentioned, where it was said that salsa would be danced. Suddenly the local was with us again with the flyers, who had also broken away from the group. He led us to the party and was able to smuggle us in for free without waiting - there was a long queue in front of the club.
A reagent concert was going on. Really great music and hardly any tourists. The people seem much more relaxed than with us, they jump, dance (with great swinging hips) without inhibitions; the men too! . When the concert was over, the local went to another club. After some discussion with the bouncer, we came in there for free. It was packed, lots of tourists and typical modern music like ours. Lucia and I didn't stay long because the drunk Ecuadorian got on the nerves over time and we didn't really want to go to a club à la Mad Wall Street. So we sat on the side of the road and watched the people. Then the hair braid type came up to us. He asked if we could come to the bar to dance salsa. So I got to a dance after all. But since I couldn't anymore because of the tiredness, I went back to the hostel at around 2 a.m.
The noise in the room kept us from falling asleep for a long time ...