How to write signs and symbols

Key combination: Find and insert special characters - this is how it works

Nobody knows the keyboard and all of its special characters right away. In order to be able to write some special characters, you have to remember one or the other keyboard combination. Here at GIGA you can find out which key combinations you should be able to use for special characters and what options there are still to be able to sweep the keys properly.

The commonly used characters and symbols are not hidden on the keyboard. By holding the [Shift] key (or shift key) in combination with a number, you can use everyday punctuation marks and special characters such as quotation marks, exclamation marks, question marks, percent marks or brackets. But you probably already know that.

Lioncast LK100 RGB keyboard with numeric keypad

Key combination: Special characters with AltGr - @, € & Co.

As soon as another character can be found on a key that you cannot write with the shift key, this is inserted using the [AltGr] key (to the right of the space bar). For example, you can write the @ (at sign), € (euro sign) and µ (My) by holding down [AltGr] and pressing the respective key. Even that is not yet a feat, but for many computer newbies it is a first stumbling block.

Key combination: Special characters that are not on the keyboard

When you start to write a text on a specific topic, you quickly notice that certain characters cannot be found on the keyboard at all. For example, how do you make a diameter symbol (Ø), the alcohol symbol (‰), a cross (†) or a heart (♥)?

In that case, you can always search for the specific character on Google or Wikipedia and copy it. However, it is easier with the appropriate keyboard shortcuts for the special characters. To enter special characters on the computer using a key combination, you only need a keyboard with a number pad. To enter the special characters with the keyboard, you only have to proceed as follows:

  1. Hold down the [Alt] key (to the left of the Space bar) pressed.
  2. Now enter the number combination from this alt-code table on the number pad.
  3. Et voila! Now the corresponding special character should appear in your text document.

If you have trouble remembering number combinations or you don't have a keyboard with a num block, you can also use another option to insert special characters: the character table.

Special characters from the character table

You can also simply insert the special characters from Windows’s own character table. To call up the character table, proceed as follows:

Windows 10

In Windows 10 you can use the key combination [Win] + [.] the Emoji and special characters keyboard to open. Click on the "Ω Symbols" tab, here you can choose from the common special characters in various categories and insert them directly into text fields and Office programs.

Older Windows versions

    1. Press the Windows key or go on that Start symbol in your system tray.
    2. Now type "Character" a. You should now Link to the character table see.
    3. Now press either the Enter key or click the link with the left mouse button.
    4. With the character table you can now copy the special character and paste it elsewhere.

Special characters in Office programs

If you want to insert special characters directly into a document, you can also simply use the special characters menu of the various Office programs such as Microsoft Word or LibreOffice. Just click on the "Insert" tab and then:

  • Microsoft Office: On "Ω symbol" → "Ω other symbols ..."
  • LibreOffice: Directly on "Special character..."

Then select the character you need and press the button Insertto add the symbol to your document.

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