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FLINK - the delivery service app - the name really says it all!

Never stand in line again! Flink offers an amazingly fast and extremely simple delivery service of carefully selected, high-quality everyday products at supermarket prices. The mission is nothing more and nothing less than a revolution in shopping habits - and to help customers have more free time and enjoy life. Flink is already available in all major German cities. New cities are added almost every day. In addition, the offer in other European countries such as the Netherlands and France is currently being expanded. This makes Flink one of the fastest growing companies in Europe.

Freedom for free time

For over 100 years, the way people shop for groceries has changed only marginally: drive to a supermarket, collect the goods, queue up, pay, pack everything - and finally bring the purchases home. A time-consuming and repetitive undertaking.

At best it's a routine, at worst it's a nerve-wracking strain.

After a long day at work, working people ask themselves the question: a well-deserved evening or a line in the supermarket?
Fast-paced students have to decide for a spontaneous beer with the best: Pay a lot in the pub or get a warm six-pack off the shelf?
Single parents are faced with the dilemma of wishful thinking and energy-consuming reality: Cozy Saturday at home or ping pong with the kids between cramped aisles?
Nimble takes the stress out of everyone and creates freedom for leisure. Order conveniently and easily via the app, no queuing, no empty shelves, no lugging around and no wasted time! Last but not least: No excess purchases and the resulting waste.

Really nimble - delivery time only 10 minutes

The app keeps what the name promises: the digital purchase is delivered to your home within ten minutes - in an environmentally friendly way thanks to fairly paid bicycle couriers. Always from a selected range of branded, fresh and organic products, in the best quality and at supermarket prices. The smart everyday helper not only sets the pace, but wants to change things fundamentally. For Flink, conventions are there to be questioned and optimized. The focus here is on the consumer experience: simple app operation, short delivery routes and top quality products make spontaneous shopping a real alternative to the arduous walk to the supermarket.

All of Germany is now fast

While the app is already available for download for all Apple and Android devices, the delivery service is already available in more and more cities. To date, Flink is next to the Big Five also live in Düsseldorf, Krefeld, Mainz, Wiesbaden, Offenbach, Bonn, Dresden and Nuremberg.

The special thing about it: a delicious selection awaits you in every city local products and specialties.

The map in the app is updated almost daily and shows how the whole of Germany is becoming fast

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