How to get leaner thighs and legs

5 tips for slim legs

Unfortunately, most women are not naturally blessed with thin legs. That means you have to help yourself! But despite exercise and diet, it just doesn't seem to work. This may be because specific exercises and a suitable diet are required. Therefore, we have summarized the most important tricks for slim legs for you.

How to get slim legs: tips

1. Cycling for defined legs

Exercise is definitely a good approach for anyone who likes to slim legs would have. The perfect warm-up exercise is cycling - in the air: Lie on your back and swing your legs up. After three minutes of cycling in the air, the warm-up is already done. That strengthens them Leg muscles and stimulates the circulation.

2. Workout: building bridges for slim legs

In this exercise you have to build a bridge. Lie on your back, put your feet on the floor and bend your legs. The arms can lie loosely next to the body. Now slowly lift your bottom until your thighs and upper body form a line and then put it back down again. When lifting the buttocks, you should pull them together tightly.

Tip: Do not put your bottom down completely, but stop just before the floor. This also stimulates the muscles.

3. Targeted Training for Thin Legs: Exercises to Take at Home

So far so good. Do you wantslim legs but unfortunately you can't avoid more strenuous strength exercises. Make sure to always train the entire thigh. So not only the inside or outside, because you would like to lose weight there, but also the front and back. This is the only way to train the leg evenly and to build well-defined muscles.

This exercise is easy to do at home: first lie on your stomach and slowly lift your straight legs alternately ten times towards the ceiling. Take a short break and repeat the exercise two more times. You then do the exercise in the back and side position. Do the strength exercises at least three days a week. You can simply rely on the weight of your legs or work with light weight cuffs.

Which sport is best for slim legs?

For targeted strengthening, in addition to training at home, a visit to the fitness studio or a stomach, legs and buttocks course is ideal. Or you can train your legs with sports like yoga or Pilates. There are also opportunities in everyday life to strengthen your legs: next time, just take the stairs instead of the elevator, walk home to the last stop at a brisk pace or take a bike instead of the car to go shopping.

Endurance sports such as jogging, walking, swimming, trampoline jumping or cycling can also help you thin your legs, as you boost calorie burning. It is important that you look for a sport that you enjoy and that you enjoy doing several times a week. Because on the way to the dream figure it is important to do sports regularly.

4. Thin legs with massages and creams?

Massages and creams do not make you slender legs. But with the right one Body lotion you make sure that your legs are a little tighter - and tight legs look much slimmer.

Try it too Alternating showers out. Alternate running cold and warm water on your thighs. This stimulates the blood circulation and activates the metabolism. After showering, you should apply lotion to your legs.

5. Slim legs with a healthy diet

Unfortunately, there is no special one for slim legs diet. No need to neglect your diet. With a healthy and balanced diet, you are not only doing something good for your body, but also for your skin. Eat lots of vegetables and whole grain products. This is how you supply your body with important vitamins and minerals. Also, drink plenty of water and eat foods that are low in fat and low in salt. In combination with regular exercise, you can fight cellulite so effectively and make your way to slim thighs easier!

What the editors say:

Very few naturally have thin legs. But with a healthy diet, lots of exercise and the right body lotion, you can ensure that your legs are trained and toned.