How I make my fridge look built in

Starting the refrigerator - how long do you have to wait?

Setting up the refrigerator

If a refrigerator is plugged in after it has been set up, it starts running immediately. Before connecting, you must therefore always check which safety periods must be observed. The 24 hour rule is a very prudent precaution, but not a fixed guideline.

Transportation problems

A refrigerator has a compressor and a liquid refrigerant. The amount of coolant is so small that it can be distributed in the pipes of the refrigerator.

As long as a refrigerator is upright, there is always enough coolant to reach the compressor. This is important, otherwise the compressor can be damaged. Even a complete destruction of the compressor is possible.

However, if a refrigerator is placed on its side or tilted, the coolant is initially distributed in the pipes. Since the coolant is very viscous, it needs some time before it flows back to the compressor in sufficient quantities. The refrigerator must not be used during this time.

Guideline values ​​for leaving

The often rumored 24 hours are an (often oversized) precautionary rule that applies especially to older refrigerators. The refrigerator only needs a short time to adjust to the ambient temperature.

Mode of transportStanding time
standing upright in the houseno
delivered new refrigerator12 hours
Delivery and installation by specialist dealers with appropriate noticeapprox. 2 - 3 hours or as directed
older refrigerators24 hours (security measure)
When a refrigerator has been delivered, you can never be sure how it was moved by the shipping company. In this case, to be on the safe side, assume that the transport is lying down and adhere to the appropriate times.

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