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Hand lettering pens

Hand lettering is a great hobby that I mean Surroundings great and always fresh. Hand lettering is not that difficult and I can basically do it do nothing wrong. Aside from prescribing myself, that often happens ... What is important when it comes to hand lettering is the right pens. And the paper (more on that in this post). Because without the right material it is simply not fun.

Pens for hand lettering

The great thing about hand lettering is that, in principle, you can every pen can take whatever one wants. In contrast to brush lettering (contribution), you are completely free in your choice of material.

Still shows the Experience me that there are definitely pens that are more and less fun.

Hand lettering pens recommendation

So here are my recommendations, which refer to hand lettering in its various forms. You can find pen recommendations for brush pens in another post (click).

Hand lettering pen sets

Set 1: Staedtler triplus fineliner

STAEDTLER 334 C36JB triplus fineliner (triangular, set with 36 brilliant colors, promotion 26 + 10 free, high quality, super fine tip, line width approx. 0.3 mm)
  • Line width approx. 0.3 mm, ergonomic triangular shape - for relaxed writing and painting
  • Super fine, metal-framed tip, water-based ink, can be washed out of many textiles
  • Scope of delivery: 36 brilliant colors in a cardboard case (promotional campaign 26 + 10 free)
  • Dry Safe - can be left open for days without drying out (test climate according to ISO 554, except for neon colors)
  • PP shaft guarantees a long service life, no evaporation of the ink, Made in Germany

As an absolute fan of cute little ones Details and strokes, of course, a set of fineliners is very important to me. Since I got my 36-piece set in 2015, the choice of colors has increased even further. So one looks colorful Hatching nothing in the way of letterings! The colors are rich and easy to apply. On very absorbent paper the color tends to be darker and the lines wider, I have the impression. This is probably due to the fact that more ink is drawn into the paper than on the good old Bristol paper.

Set 2: Stabilo Pen 68

The classic since my school days. Back then I made my parents poor with these pens because there are so many and I wanted so many of them. Unfortunately, I never got as many as I wanted and of course I was always denied the most beautiful colors. - And the remarkable thing: I still have some from elementary school and they still paint like New!

Hand lettering pens for beginners

Since I am often asked this question, I want to answer it here ... But actually: take the pens that you have. I would think all of the pens listed here are just as suitable for beginners as they are for professionals. Only at Brush pens one could assume that they are not so well suited for beginners. Brush lettering takes a bit of practice and should use the right technique.

Otherwise: Just have fun and get used to the peculiarities of the individual pens. Everyone has to do this with new pens, regardless of whether they're a beginner or a professional.

Metallic hand lettering pens

Uuuuh, now it's gonna be great! Now we're starting to glitter. Gold, silver and other metallic colors shine particularly well in contrast to dark letterings or even dark paper.

And of course it works best if you get recommended material yourself. So I'll start right away with a pen for which I turned half of Göttingen upside down last year:

1st place: Edding lacquer marker for details

A friend of mine had the Edding Lack Marker and I saw his letterings and ... yeah. I was 1. once totally jealous of this rich application of paint and 2. I really wanted to have it. They're classic shake-and-pump pens that make a really nice filling assignment have and great covering are.

I Dussel bought them both individually in Göttingen and left about 5 € each in the store. I found this brilliant set on Amazon, which is ordered as soon as mine are empty.

2nd place: Karin DecoBrush Metallic

KARIN DecoBrush Metallic 10 pcs. set KARIN DecoBrush Metallic 10 pieces transparent body with ink-free system, 2.4 ml
  • 10 metallic brush markers in 10 different metallic colors
  • Top quality made in Europe - high quality workmanship, with a beautiful metal box
  • Premium Quality - Water-based ink, waterproof, acid-free, environmentally friendly and non-toxic
  • flexible high-quality artist nylon tip from Japan ideal for writing on almost all ...
  • Bullet journal, bujo, guest book and cards can be used in many ways

The Karin DecoBrush Metallic are very suitable for dark Subsoil. However, they must always be good before use shaken become (which I like to forget).

The colors do not tolerate very absorbent substrates. Best to light them up smooth Papers (smooth, black photo cardboard, for example), as the pigments can then lie nicely on the surface.

3rd place: Edding Metallic marker with chisel tip

I treated myself to the Edding Metallic Markers in 2017 at Christmas time. I was very excited about the paint job. After all, you're only used to good things from Edding. The colors go great too Christmas, I agree. You can do beautiful things with the chisel tip fine and also wide draw and write.

Hand lettering on wood: which pens?

My recommendation: Molotow One4All

Oh, how much money have I spent on these pens? Back then when I was at university I painted a lot on wood. I painted almost everything completely. From old ones Cabinet doors up to Tree bark nothing was safe from me. So of course I needed sturdy pens. Fortunately, some friends from the graffiti scene showed me the Molotov One4All. You can do EVERYTHING buy more. Various tips, solids and inks.

The One4All have a super liquid, opaque Acrylic ink, with which you can also paint great cartoon characters ...

More details about the Molotow One4All

  • The ONE4ALL acrylic markers from Molotow can be used universally. They stick to almost all surfaces and have very good UV resistance (except for the fluorescent neon tones).
  • The colors are great covering and permanent.
  • They are suitable for inside and outside. As a precaution, I always brushed a layer of acrylic clear lacquer over it to protect the colors.
  • They can be refilled at least 50 times.
  • Molotow One4All are Pump marker. You can use ink and nibs buy more and thus protect the environment.
  • You can "Empty marker" and buy your own colors with the acrylic inks together Mix.
  • They can be diluted with water or acetone (1-3%).
  • You should even be able to use them in an airbrush.

They are definitely worth the money ... and as a little tip: If you have the wider tips in the water soak, you can even do them rinse and don't have to buy new ones right away if the paint does become encrusted. I've done this a couple of times.

You can also easily change the colors with the brush apply if you feel like it. You just have to make sure that you don't have any water or acetone on the brush, otherwise the colors will not be opaque.

Over 80% of all ratings are 4 or 5 stars

Most reviews praise the pens for their good opacity on almost all surfaces. Wood in particular is great.

Cabinets, walls or skateboard decks are exactly what you paint with the Molotow One4All. Well, who wants a hand lettering longboard?

11% of the reviewers only give one star

The criticism here is that the markers do not keep sharp edges on very absorbent paper and the color becomes pale. But that's because the papers soak up the pigments. The pigments are therefore inside the paper and no longer on the surface. This creates the white film over the colors. - But that's just not what the pens are made for.

Are the markers suitable for stone?

Yes, smooth stones can be painted with it very well. Very porous or sanding stones would have to be treated beforehand.

Can I use the Molotow markers on canvas?

Yes, canvases are also very suitable for the Molotow markers. If not better than most papers.

Which paper is best for the Molotow One4All?

Smooth papers that don't suck up work well. It is best to use bristol paper as it has a coated surface.

Are the colors waterproof?

Yes, but only when they are completely dry.

Are the colors dishwasher safe?

No, acrylic washes off with solvents like soap. In addition, the mechanical stress during washing is very high.

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