Starbound how to fix ftl drive

Description [edit | Edit source]

Each character starts in his spaceship, in which he finds his first weapon, clothes, the Matter Manipulator and a few seeds. There are different spaceships, which differ in design depending on the race. With the Spaceship one travels through the universe and can visit different planets. To travel through space with spaceships you need fuel, which you can find on planets.

The interior of the Spaceship can be designed in any way, with the Spaceship itself and its content cannot be destroyed.

Extensions [edit | Edit source]

Extensions for spaceships have been announced, these have not yet been implemented.

Spaceships Edit source]

  • Steampunk ship of the breed "Glitch"

  • Sci-Fi ship of the breed "Apex"

  • Asian ship of the breed "Hylotl"

  • military spaceship of the people