When was the Brandesburton Hospital closed

In 2020 21 clinics were closed and the government doesn't know about it?

Ironically, the memorable Corona year 2020 is the year of clinic closings in Germany. So far it has been about 21 houses, and the trend is rising. And the government supposedly doesn't know about it?

The fact that the clinics are not doing well financially, even before Corona, I had already reported in September 2020 in my article "Clinics are in crisis due to Corona": https://www.yamedo.de/blog/kliniken- crises-increased-because of-corona /

There is a request from the Bundestag member Andrej Hunko (Die Linke) to the federal government:

To the knowledge of the Federal Government, why have the intensive capacities of hospital locations in Germany decreased by more than 4,100 beds and the emergency reserve by more than 1,200 beds since the beginning of August 2020 (according to the DIVI intensive register from August 4 to December 22, 2020 from 30,952 to 26,806 or from 12,313 to 11,097 (emergency reserve), see www.intensivregister.de), and what has the federal government done since then to counteract this continuous trend? "

Here are the numbers from January 21, 2021, which have hardly changed since then:

On January 14, 2021, Hunko received the following "Wischi-Waschi answer", which clearly shows that more and more clinic closings are not an issue at all for the federal government that could give rise to any concern:

The federal government has no knowledge of the closure of clinics in the pandemic year 2020. The federal states are responsible for ensuring supply in hospitals. It is also your responsibility to record the supply situation and, if necessary, to take the necessary measures so that the necessary capacities are maintained.

In the DIVI intensive care register, only those intensive care beds that are actually available and ready for operation are shown. Therefore, the fluctuations in operational intensive care beds outlined in the question are not unusual, but are due to the fact that the real assessment of the capacity situation includes all resource aspects that are available on the day of the report for the respective intensive care area (e.g. staffing, blocked treatment places due to isolation treatment ), be included. Against this background, the federal government is not aware of any reduction in intensive care beds. A dismantling of intensive care beds cannot be confirmed on the basis of the data from the DIVI intensive care register either. "


In an alleged “nationwide emergency”, is the federal government not aware that clinics will be closed?

This official response from the federal government confirms what the Chancellor said in a press conference: the tightening of the lockdown measures in January 2021 was a "political decision".

Yes, that is clear, because studies and data show that the lockdowns actually bring little or nothing, as I have already shown several times: https://www.yamedo.de/blog/ffektungslös-von-lockdown-maksen/

Perhaps one should cut the government's salary (“diet”) to the level of short-time work benefits or to zero as for the self-employed and tradespeople whose business has been closed so that you can see what you are talking about?

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