Gharqad tree in Quran that is Jesus


Is there also a Christmas story in the Koran?

In the Koran there are two reports about the birth of Jesus: In Sura 3 and Sura 19, the so-called Sura "Maryam". The baby Jesus is not born there in a manger in Bethlehem, but in a "distant place" under a palm tree, where Mary - in Arabic "Maryam" - gives birth to her son in complete solitude and in great pain. In a miraculous way, God lets dates grow for her comfort and a spring of water. To this day, when they give birth to a child, some Muslim women pray the sura "Maryam" and eat dates for strengthening.

What role does Jesus play in the Koran?

Jesus is a prophet of God, the preacher of the gospel. Miracles that he performed are also recorded in the Koran. His first miracle was that as a newborn baby he spoke and defended Mary when the unmarried young woman returned to her family with a child in her arms. Jesus is a special person in Islam, but not God's Son, who died on the cross. The "Christmas story" in the Koran should make this clear: "It is not up to God to have any child," says Sura 19 at the end of the Koranic birth story of Jesus.

Does Islam also know the virgin birth of Mary?

"Born of the Virgin Mary" - that is what Muslims believe too. According to the Koran, angels proclaim to Mary that God has chosen her and that she will have a child who will be highly regarded and "one of those who are close to God" (Sura 3, 42-46).

According to the Islamic theologian Hamideh Mohagheghi, Maryam is still a popular Islamic maiden name today because Mary is considered a truly steadfast and devout Muslim. Mary is the only woman mentioned by name in the Koran. Your name appears 34 times in the Koran - more often than in the New Testament. According to Islamic tradition, Mary, along with Muhammad's wives Aisha and Khadijah and his daughter Fatima, are considered to be one of the four best women who have ever lived and attain the highest level of paradise.

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