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No Man's Sky: Find all elements and resources and their function

There's a lot to collect in No Man's Sky. A variety of elements and resources are available to you. With some finds you will ask yourself at the beginning which element has which function, but over time a use will be found for each material. In this guide we will show you which resources and elements there are in No Man's Sky and where you can find them.

Besides all of the variety of items and resources in No Man's Sky there isfive main categories of discoverable materials. These areNeutral, Silicates, Isotopes, Oxides and Precious (Valuable, Precious). Each of these categories has its own uses and values. The rare Precious Elements in particular can add a lot to your Units account. Furthermore, you can also combine elements with each other and for certain requirements you should also do this.

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No Man's Sky: All elements and resources in the summary

Chaos in the hold and the exo suit is full too? We show you which elements have which functions and you decide what comes into space with you and what stays on the planet. Since the game is still at the beginning of its journey of discovery, other locations or properties of the elements can be discovered. If you should have come across completely different materials, share your knowledge with us in the comment function - even if we unfortunately cannot give you an Atlas Pass V1 or a Berg Units for it. Also read our beginner's guide to No Man's Sky.

Neutral elements

You can combine neutral elements with others, such as silicone, and with them you still have a good opportunity to quickly earn a few units by selling them. There are a lot of them right from the start, so they can fill your wallet in their bulk. The colored marking for the neutral elements isgreen.

  • Nickel:This element can be found on every planet and is mostly represented as a silver and white metal. Sells it in the galactic trade network or uses it for important components.
  • Gold:You can find gold in lumps of stone on many planets and you can sell it to traders or even give it away as a gift. It has a decorative use, which you can use to enhance your reputation with other species.
  • Copper:This versatile metal can be found on most planets as well as in almost every dealer listing. If you have the right blueprint, you can do copper well forAlloys use. To get copper you shouldShoot down asteroids.
  • Aluminum:Also a very versatile element with a wide range of application areas. You cangood prices available from aluminum dealers.
  • Emeril:This element can reduce the radiation suffered. It is also very popular with traders as it is used to build outposts.
  • Iridium:With Iridium, you have another coveted element among retailers. You can earn many units with this and mine it from rocks. It will also be used to build theV2 Cooling system and impact damage V1. Shoots asteroids to get the iridium.

Isotope elements in No Man's Sky

You can obtain isotopes mainly from natural sources. Examine the plants or crystals and you will use these materials to replenish yoursExo suit can collect. They are also useful for fuel or crafting.red is the colored marking of the isotopes in No Man's Sky and they can be found on all planets with an existing flora.

  • Carbon:An important material for replenishing yourMulti-tool and desExo suit. You can win this important element for the life support of plants, trees or other forms of vegetation and, among other things, for the production of the Combat reinforcement V1 or Range boosts V1 use.
  • Thamium9:Thamium9 is also used to charge mining tools. Weapons and support systems also use this raw material, which is obtained from red plants or asteroids. In addition to upgrades for the hyperdrive, Thamium9 is also used in the manufacture ofRange boost V1, warp cellsand the Phase ray.
  • Plutonium:This element is very useful and very energetic. With plutonium you can make a lot of different things and yours at the same time fill up complete equipment. It is therefore advisable to mine plutonium at any time.

Oxide elements in No Man's Sky

With oxide elements you can drive your journey through the galaxy in different ways. Especially for filling up your exo-suit and as fuel for your spaceship in No Man's Sky.

  • Iron:One of the first elements that you will encounter in your exploration. Even the repair of your initial ship requires iron and it quickly becomes clear that it will accompany you through all kinds of repairs across the galaxy. Almost everyonerock contains iron and can therefore be found quickly and in large numbers.
  • Zinc:This element can mainly be found in theyellow flowers discover on the planet's surface.
  • Titanium:Titan is needed for crafting and can be used inyellow crystal formations be dismantled.
  • Sulfur:Even if it sounds strange, you can do it with sulfurGek provide a feast. However you handle it, it will pay off to leave some of it to you.

Silicate elements in No Man's Sky

You can combine these elements with others to craft items. If you scan a planet you will discover the silicate deposits with blue markings. For example, you have to search for the first parts of your destroyed spaceshipHeridium do so that you can leave the planet again. They are still the building blocks foradvanced technologies. As the game progresses, these elements become increasingly important and you can achieve a lot with them.

  • Heridium:With this silicate you can manufacture components and it is of great importance for your discovery of the galaxy. You can find Heridium both on the planet's surface and incaves. You can usually find it in large steel pieces or chunks, and you also need it for an enormous number of technologies.
  • Silicone:With this element you canToolsmanufacture and yourCharge shields. In combination with other materials you can do oneHyperdrive, disruptoror Bypass chip produce.
  • Platinum:A very strong element with which you can produce high-quality components of spaceships or exosuits. In manyConstruction plans you will come across Platinum and you will find it especially in theblue vegetation. A few examples of the possible uses are: the jetpack, impact damage, dew.
  • Chrysolite:Also a very valuable and strong element that you can use in numerous advanced technologies. Look out for itblue plants and crystalsto find enough chrysonite.

Precious Elements

These elements wash units into your pockets. They are of very high quality and unfortunately you have to decide whether you want to use these treasures yourself or sell them for a lot of money. If your scan has thispurpleDiamond symbolsshows, you should also take detours to get it. You can too feed a species and she may give you one of these items as a gift. Otherwise you will unfortunately have to buy these materials for a lot of money on the galactic market.

  • Radnox:This mysterious material is a very valuable chemical resource and, with luck, can be found on floating rocks. You can find Radnox on planets withextreme circumstances and Sentinels are very careful when you try to bag these elements. Beware!
  • Potassium:A very rare element that can be obtained from creatures. If you are lucky enough, you will unfortunately have to buy it on the market.
  • Omegon: dark matterwith an incredible amount of energy that hasn't really been explored yet. It's incredibly difficultOmegon and therefore it will often be easier to buy from dealers.

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