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Lucifer - the fallen angel

The name Lucifer is known to most: he is the devil who rules over hell and leads people to sin. But it wasn't always like that.

Radiantly beautiful, wise and powerful, Lucifer began his existence as an angel and was considered the darling of God. Some sources report that he was even an archangel. How did it happen that he became an outcast who was humiliated with the worst punishment of all: the fall from hell? Learn more about the mysterious light bearer.

Who is lucifer

What does the name Lucifer mean?

The name "Lucifer" or "Lucifer" comes from Latin and is a literal translation of the Greek word "phosphóros". He means "Light bearer" (lux, lucis = light, ferre = to carry) and originally denotes the morning star - that is, Venus.

By the way: In Greek and Roman mythology, Lucifer is the personification of the morning star. Lucifer's brothers are the four winds, his mother is the dawn. This idea has only the name in common with the fallen angel.

Lucifer, an angel of particular beauty

Lucifer is considered to be one of the first angels created by God. He is said to have been dazzlingly beautiful, tall, powerful, radiant and extremely confident of himself - which ultimately brought him down. Since his fall, he has played the role of lord of hell. Lucifer became Satan who harms people and leads them astray. It serves to show the difference between good and bad.

What are archangels? Was Lucifer one of them?

archangel occupy a special position among the angels. They are very close to God, act as leaders and deliver important messages, like when Jesus was born. The best known are Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel. Was Lucifer one of them too? This question is controversial. This suggests that he was very powerful, but there are no references in the Bible dfind arauf.

Lucifer, the bearer of light: from heaven to hell

Beauty, intelligence and charisma made him a special appearance, and he also had free will. But Lucifer's story is tragic. When God created man, it is said that Lucifer refused to honor the new creation. He considered people insignificant and rebelled. His strong self-confidence was his undoing: Because he believed that he could take on God and challenge him. When he tried to take God's throne at the head of an army of followers, a war broke out in heaven. Archangel Michael and his comrades-in-arms opposed the rebels - and got the upper hand. As a punishment, Lucifer was banished to hell with his angelswhere they have been living as demons ever since.

The Revelation of John describes the process as follows:

“And a fight broke out in heaven: Michael and his angels fought against the dragon. And the dragon fought and his angels, and he was not victorious, and their place was no longer found in heaven. And the great dragon was thrown out, the old serpent that is called: Deviland satanwho seduces the whole world. He was cast on the earth, and his angels were cast there with him. ”(Revelation 12: 7-9)

Lucifer the devil

Lucifer in the Bible

The name Lucifer is not mentioned in the Bible. So how does it come to be associated with Satan? The reason is a passage in Isaiah in which the fall of the morning star is described. Here it says:

“How did you fall from the sky, you beautiful morning star! How were you knocked to the ground, you conqueror of the peoples! But you thought in your heart: 'I want to go to heaven and exalt my throne over the stars of God, I want to sit on the mountain of the assembly in the far north. I want to rise above the high clouds and be like the Most High. "(Isaiah 14:12-14)

These lines were interpreted as the story of Satan, which is why it was given the name "Lucifer" (morning star).

Samael and Lucifer - the same figure?

Next to Lucifer one hears as Satan's name again and again "Samael". He is an archangel in Jewish and Christian mythology who is assigned many roles. He is considered an angel of death, a deceiver and an accuser. Sometimes he speaks of a servant of the devil, sometimes of a servant of God who does his will. In rabbinic Judaism, Samael is also referred to as Satan, but this is not synonymous with the prince of hell, but rather expresses his function as accuser and preventor. Whether Lucifer and Samael are two names for the same figure is thus left to the interpretation.

The fallen angel Lucifer - symbols

The following symbols are particularly common in connection with Lucifer:

  • The Number 666 appears in the Revelation of John and symbolizes the Apocalypse.

  • The Pentagram represents the four elements that are surmounted by the spirit.

  • The Drudenfoot is the inverted pentagram.

  • The Petrus Cross is an upside-down cross. Originally it does not stand for Satan, but for Peter, who, according to legend, was crucified upside down.

  • The Baphomet represents a goat-headed, mystical figure with red, piercing eyes.

  • The Red color and the Element fire express pure passion, but also the abysses of hell.

In the 17th century the British poet John Milton wrote his masterpiece "Paradise Lost". It says: "Better to reign in Hell, than serve in Heaven" - It is better to reign in Hell than to serve in Heaven. The story of the fallen angel Lucifer could hardly be more aptly summed up.

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