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How to change the sketch setup

1. Click Model> Sketch. The Sketch dialog box appears. The current settings are displayed under Plane, Reference and Orientation.

2. Change the following items on the Placement tab:

◦ Sketch Pane - Select a datum plane or planar surface as the new sketch plane.

◦ Sketch Orientation

▪ Change the direction of the sketch view.

▪ Change or remove the current orientation reference.

▪ Change the orientation (top, bottom, right, left [Top, Bottom, Right, Left]) of the orientation reference.


If you remove an orientation reference, the existing orientation reference is replaced by the standard orientation reference, i.e. by an existing plane, or it is based on the standard model coordinate system.

3. Change the following items in the Properties tab:

◦ sketch name

◦ Value of the cross hatching (only sketched reference curve)

4. Click the Sketch button. The Sketch tab opens.


Sketch is disabled when the Sketch Plane field is empty.

Changing a value in the Sketch dialog box regenerates the active section. The sketch geometry is displayed with the new orientation settings. After the regeneration, reference errors may appear in the message window that you need to correct.

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