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The missing lighthouse keepers from Eilean Mor

Eilean Mor gained notoriety after the extremely mysterious disappearance of three lighthouse keepers in 1900.
Eilean Mor is a small, remote island in the seven-island Flannan Isles off the Scottish coast.

A newly built lighthouse, which was put into operation in 1899, with its nocturnal beacon was supposed to protect passing ships from a collision with the island.

Three lighthouse keepers lived there and were responsible for running the lighthouse on the otherwise uninhabited island. A supply ship came by at regular intervals, bringing food to the island and a fourth lighthouse keeper in exchange (the men worked there on a rotation basis: 6 weeks of work on the lighthouse and then 2 weeks of home leave).

On the afternoon of December 26, 1900, the supply ship HESPERUS docked under Captain Harvey off the coast of Eilean Mor.
The crew was surprised that there were no signs of life from the three lighthouse keepers James Ducat, Thomas Marshall and Donald McArthur.
With mixed feelings they made their way to the lighthouse and found it orphaned.

Two of the three weatherproof oil jackets were missing from the cloakroom, and the kitchen made a hastily abandoned impression (various sources report an overturned chair and food on the table, and the clock is said to have stopped).
The last log entries were made on December 14th and 15th.

According to some sources, the log entries reported an approaching very strong storm and the great fear the men had.
According to unsecured traditions, the wording of the last entry was: “The storm is over, the sky is calm. God watches over everything. "

The captain of a ship passing on the night of December 15-16 later reported that he had not seen a lighthouse fire that night. This allows the conclusion that the three lighthouse keepers disappeared on the afternoon of December 15, 1900.

But what happened?
Why were three seasoned men in a safe building so afraid of a storm?
And why did all three leave the lighthouse together, contrary to the regulations?
Why did only two of them put on their weather jackets while the third apparently left the tower in light house clothes (in the middle of December on an inhospitable island)?

Questions about questions that have remained unanswered to this day.

The most popular theory is that the three men were washed up in the sea by a storm or a giant wave. But then the last log entry would make no sense.
However, it was later found out that during the period of the disappearance of the lighthouse keepers, the weather over Eilean Mor was calm and there was no question of a storm ......

As with all cases of unexplained disappearance, there are also numerous strange suspicions about the fate of the three missing lighthouse keepers as to what might have happened:

  • One of the guards killed the others, threw them into the sea, and then threw himself into the waves.
  • A gigantic sea bird or a sea monster could have taken the men
  • You could have been kidnapped by aliens.
  • A ship with evil spirits was their undoing


The unexplained fate of the Eilean Mor lighthouse keepers was later taken up by some artists. For example, the group Genesis has published a song about their story: "The Mystery Of Flannan Isle Lighthouse". The video is available on Youtube.

The Queen composer Sir Peter Maxell Davies even wrote an entire opera about it: "The Lighthouse". There is also a YouTube video for this.


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