How to disenchant quest items in Skyrim

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  1. Got an annoying problem. Since I fetched Azura's star in Ilinaltas Depth, I've been dragging 2 large wands of enchantment with me, which I can't sell because apparently both are quest items. I have the same problem with a "strange amulet" that I used during the quest Blood on the ice in Windhelm should be gone, but the guy from the curiosity thing never wants to talk to me ... bastard = / If anyone knows how to get rid of this stuff I'd be grateful =)
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  3. Seem to be bugs. Therefore, you won't get rid of them until they are fixed. At the end of this week I think the 1.3 patch should come out ...

    Applies to both objects, with the strange amulet I have the same problem, with the two sticks it must be a stupid mistake.

    You won't find any way to sell or get rid of quest items except through the quest ...;)

    But HEY! The objects weigh nothing, even though it says there ...
  4. Staffs, weapons and armor that are considered quest items even though the quests are over, you can get rid of them by equipping them and then storing them in your house in weapon racks, weapon cabinets or dagger cabinets or armor dolls.

    This is a trick to get around this bug, but only works with staffs, weapons and armor and only then you can have a house with the necessary storage space.

    Unfortunately, you can't get rid of all other things like the bugged instruments of the bard academy, but they shouldn't have any weight either.

    Since some of the things were heavy with me, I have now tinkered a health rain chain that gives me 700,000 carrying weight, so I don't care how much is stuck in the inventory due to bugs ...;)