Online quiz system in which students register

Student license

You can use the student license to easily assign licenses that the school has acquired to the students in your classes or courses.
To purchase a license, use the link on the right-hand side (Westermann shop). There you can specify how many licenses you would like to purchase. When the school as an institution acquires the licenses, all teachers at the school automatically receive the license for the cross-device use of Diercke Atlas via their access data for the Westermann Group. Important: There is a minimum license amount of 20 licenses that must be purchased.

The licenses run until September 30th. of the current school year. If you are between 01.05. and 30.09 buy a license, it ends on 30.09. of the following school year.

To use it, set up your student groups at licenseverwaltung/ and assign the appropriate licenses. You will also find a for this on the right side PDF for help for download.

In order to give your students the opportunity to access the Diercke Atlas on any device - whether at school, at home or on the go - they have to log in once with their user ID each time it is used. Otherwise the software runs completely offline. A device on which a student has registered is then activated until 11:59 p.m. on that day. If the student wants to access Diercke Atlas on another device, they simply have to close the software on the first device or actively log out and can immediately continue working on another device.

System requirements

Desktop version:
Hardware: Intel Core i5 processor and 4 GB RAM memory recommended
Graphics card with 1 GByte RAM video memory recommended, OpenGL support with at least version 2.1
WINDOWS: Microsoft Windows 7 or newer
MAC: Apple Mac OS X from version 10.9

Smartphone and tablet version:
iPad app: iOS from version 8
Android app: from Android version 4.4 and OpenGL ES 3.0