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WoW: Pet Battle Guide - All the basics about the Pet Battle System

The pet battle system has been in the game since World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria. Since then, you can set off on a journey through Azeroth, capture countless new companions in wild battles, defeat pet battle trainers and challenge other players in the pet battle. We want to introduce you to the basics of this feature in World of Warcraft in our pet battle guide.

As a pet fighter, you can tame all kinds of wild animals and throw yourself into the next fights with them.

Pets accompany you in any adventure at every turn and follow you without grumbling. This also applies to the pet fight, because you can train your pets at will, put them together in teams and then compete against wild opponents or other players.

If you have never really had anything to do with the little companions or if the pet fight has not yet interested you, our guide is the right place for you. You will learn everything from the first steps to special tips, tricks and background knowledge.

Table of Contents:

  1. What are pet fights?
  2. How to Learn Pet Fight?
  3. The pet fight user interface
  4. The pet families and individual skills
  5. Values ​​and qualities of pets
  6. This is how you train your pets
  7. Off to the fight! That's how it's done!
  8. Pets hurt? This is how the healing works
  9. Tips & tricks including addons and macros

In WoW you can have a lot of different pets. Which one can accompany you at any time?

Basics: what are pet fights?

The pet fights are a mini-game introduced in Mists of Pandaria, which is turn-based. You can take on players or special wild creatures with your pets in these fights. This fun game serves as a nice pastime, for example when you have to wait for someone or when you have a break in a raid.

But even successful hunters can collect a lot of points during pet fights. You will receive success points for fighting yourself and for collecting certain types of pets on a regular basis.

How to Learn Pet Fight?

Basically, you must have reached level 5 in order to learn the pet fight, to catch pets and to train with them. You simply pay a pet trainer - for example in your faction capital - a visit. For 10 gold coins he will teach you battle pet training. You also get the ability to track down wild pets on the minimap.

Once you've learned battle pet training with one character, you can try it out with all characters. The only requirement is that you can of course first call a pet your own, which can climb into the fighting ring for you. You can buy your first pet from the trainer, which is then people-specific and will serve you well, at least for the beginning.

The Pet Fight Compendium. Here you can find all information about your animals.

  • Draenei: blue moth
  • Gnome and dwarf: mountain hare
  • Human: Orange tiger cat
  • Night Elf: Great Eagle Owl
  • Worgen: Gilnean raven
  • Blood Elf: Golden Dragonhawk Cub
  • Goblin: Shore Crawler
  • Orc and Troll: Black King Snake
  • Taure: Brown prairie dog
  • Undead: Undercity Cockroach
  • Pandaren: Jade crane chicks

Tip for collectors: Even if these pets are race-specific, you can get them all. Simply create a character for each race and then buy the pets from the appropriate trainer. Thanks to the account-wide pet compendium, pets are retained even after a character has been deleted.

After you have learned the ability to train and fight pets, your trainer offers you a quest line. If you complete this, you will get the ability to animate pets, which is essential for fast advancement in the world of pet battles. After completing the quest series, you will find a button in your pet compendium to revive your animals in the upper right corner of the window.

You can find your pet skills in the action bar.

The pet fight user interface

A separate window has been specially designed for your pets: the wildlife guide. This can be selected via the field riding and domestic animals in the micro menu. There you will find all the pets you own in the left column. You can search and filter these. You have several options such as (not) caught, type or origin and you can choose to sort them by name, level, rarity and type.

At the top right you can see the values ​​of a selected pet: level, health, speed, attack, type, quality, skills and experience. Below you will find the three slots for your pet team, which summarize the most important information. If you want, you can give your pets their own name.

In the combat interface you can see your own pet and the opposing pet at the top. Next to it you can see your other team pets and, if necessary, those of the opponent. There you can see the life point bars and the pet type and receive information in the form of icons on the current positive, negative and weather effects that affect the pets.

The golden frame and the speed icon in the lower corner of the portrait identify the pet that is allowed to attack first. The initiative is based on the speed of the pet, and if this is higher than the speed of the opposing pet, your pet may begin.

In the lower bar you will find the selected abilities of the active pet, as well as buttons for swapping pets, passing, catching wild animals and fleeing the fight.

Weather effects in pet battle

Certain pet skills can trigger weather effects:

  • Arcane Wind / Storm - Pets cannot be stunned or their movement restricted.
  • Snowstorm - All pets are hypothermic.
  • Darkness - All pets are blinded and any healing received is reduced by 50%.
  • Thunderstorm - All pets deal additional mechanical damage with each attack, and mechanical attacks deal 25% additional damage.
  • Moonlight - All pets receive 25% additional healing and magical abilities deal 10% additional damage.
  • Sandstorm - All pets take less damage and their accuracy is reduced by 10%.
  • Sunny Day - The maximum health of all pets is increased by 100% and the healing done is increased by 25%.
  • Rain - Harmful "damage over time" effects work one turn less and aquatic pets deal 25% more damage.

You can see weather effects in the pet fight at the top of the screen.

Tip: Every pet family has their strengths and weaknesses, which means that each type has an enemy family that they do more damage and one that they do less damage. So coordinating the classes will be an important part of the game.

The pet families and individual skills

There are 10 pet families with different abilities. However, it is also possible to learn skills from another family - for example, dragonkin often receive flying spells. A family's abilities do 50% more damage against certain other types of pets and 33% less damage against others. So it always depends on the combination of pets that you use in certain fights. In addition, each pet family receives a passive bonus.

Pet family Good against Bad against Passive ability
Wild animal Small animals Flying companions Wild animals cause 25% more damage below 50% life.
Small animal living Dead Humanoids Small animals can break out of the CC faster.
Dragonkin Magical living Dead Dragons do 50% more damage in the next turn after bringing an enemy below 25% health.
Flying Aquatic Dragon Flying pets have 50% more speed when they have more than 50% life.
Mechanically Wildlife Elementary Revives once in combat and regains 20% health.
Magical Flying Menchan Magic pets cannot lose more than 50% of their maximum health in one attack.
Aquatic Elementary Magical DoT duration is reduced by 25% for aquatic pets.
Elementary Mechanically Small animals Elemental pets ignore any weather effects.
Undead Humanoid water Undead pets return immortal for one round after being killed.
Humanoid Dragonkin Wildlife Humanoid pets restore 4% of their life with each attack.

Battle Pet Quality Levels

Battle pets can be found in four different quality levels in the world: Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Epic. The pet trainers also use legendary pets, which will then be stronger than your companions, but this quality level is not available for players.

The qualities affect the level of the pets' values. The higher the quality, the better your health, strength and attack speed. These values ​​can vary slightly from pet to pet, even if they are of the same quality.

Health shows the maximum health of your pet. Power defines the strength of your attacks and the attack speed decides which pet can start in combat.

Sometimes an attempt to catch a wild animal may fail.

Upgrade your pets with battle stones

With different battle stones you can raise the quality of your pets. Flawless battle stones increase the quality of your pets to Rare. You get this with a small chance as a reward in the course of the pet fight dailies or after a fight won. The chance scales with the strength of the opponent. You can use these stones to upgrade your dealer or drop pets, or you can apply it to rare wild pets that you have not been able to catch in the best quality.

Polished battle stones set your battle pets of unusual quality. You can purchase the generally usable form for 1000 justice points from the justice point dealer in the Townlong Steppes. the family-specific variants are sometimes in the bags of the animal tamer dailies.

Pets between levels 16-20 lose one level when used, from level 21 they lose two levels when used.

If you are lucky, you can call a new wild animal your own.

This is how you train your pets

Your pets will also advance to new levels as they gain combat experience. Their different values ​​are increased and they can get new skills. The first ability is already unlocked at the beginning, the next two you get in the first stages. Another three skills are unlocked when you reach higher levels.

For each battle won, pets that have participated gain experience. Dead pets do not benefit from this and the value of experience gained is based on a comparison of the level of your pet and the opponent's pet. Defeating always grants more experience than catching the animal. Your pets can currently rise up to a maximum level of 25.

Off to the fight! That's how it's done!

Before the fight, you should first assemble your pet team. In addition to the selected animals, pay attention to their active abilities, because a pet has a total of six abilities, three of which can be used in combat. Each slot has two skill options, but you can only switch them outside of combat.

The tooltip for the ability tells you against which types the ability causes more or less damage. You can also move the mouse over the opponent's pet portrait to see the capabilities of the opponent's pets.

Do you want to see what you can do with well-trained pets? Then take a look at this video about the Weeping Caves - A Pet Fighting Dungeon, presented by Youtuber Amenitra the Druid.

After you click on the wild pet or ask or accept a duel from another player, the fight begins. Combat is turn-based and there is no time limit in the PvE environment.

You always choose an ability for your pet to use. Some of these abilities have multi-turn cooldowns, while others deal more damage under certain conditions. Then the animals attack one after the other and you can choose another ability for the next round.

If your pet loses a lot of health or the attacks are not really effective, you can change your pet. Of course, you can only select pets that are in your team slots.

Your team pets can of course be exchanged after the fight if a pet is dead or has little life.

Pets hurt? This is how the healing works

There are several ways to regenerate your pets' health. After each battle, the pet receives healing equal to 50% of the damage taken.

If that is not enough and your pet has very little life or has even died, you can first use 'Animate Pets' in your wildlife guide. This spell heals and revives all pets in your wildlife guide. It can of course only be used outside of combat and has an 8 minute cooldown.

If the healing ability is on cooldown and you still want to continue fighting, you can also visit a stable master. These NPCs can be found in almost every village in Azeroth and can heal or revive your pets for a small amount of silver.

If you are in the middle of the wilderness and your ability is on cooldown, you have a third option to heal your pets using battle pet bandages. If you are lucky, you will get it in the bags that you get when you defeat a pet trainer.