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Just in time for Halloween, the exciting and funny horror fantasy film "Witches witches" gives nervous young and older viewers a shiver. While the film only appears on the streaming service HBO Max in the USA, it will be released in cinemas in Germany.

Anyone who has got used to all the softened cinema witches who sometimes sit on horseback singing or make the evil representatives of their guild harmless on the Blockberg should be frightened in "Hexen hexen" by Robert Zemeckis ("Back to the Future") rub your eyes. The remake of the work by Roald Dahl, which is rather unsuitable for small children, shows how cruel these creatures can really be and how you can recognize them - because at first glance they look like normal women.

The main character's first encounter with a witch occurs in 1968 in an Alabama general store. The nameless eight-year-old (played by Jahzir Kadeem Bruno) is shopping with his grandmother (the great Octavia Spencer, known from "The Help"), with whom he lives after the accidental death of his parents. Suddenly a chic lady stands across from him in the corridor offering him chocolate. However, her smile is anything but sweet to him - and he flees. His grandmother isn't surprised by the boy's reaction. After all, the woman wore long gloves: in addition to a wig and large nostrils, an identification mark for a real witch. And she has already seen one in action in her childhood.

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The grandmother hides with her grandson in a luxury hotel because, as we know, witches target the poor and the weak. However, the beautiful building by the sea turns out to be the lions' den. The boy happens to be in a splendid hall during a meeting of the "Royal Society for the Prevention of Child Abuse" and quickly understands that it is a witch camouflage organization that plans to make all children from the world disappear. For this, the grand master witch (very glamorous and playful with a Russian accent: Anne Hathaway) has brewed a special remedy that is supposed to turn the youngsters into mice. It should be brought to the child by the witches with the help of sweets.

If the boy had known that as an unwashed child you could avoid their terrible clawed hands, he would not have touched the washcloth in the morning. Now, however, the little one, stinking like a foul fart to the sensitive noses of the witches, lies under the platform where the head witch reveals her terrible plan. In a bizarre and exciting scene, she sniffs him excitedly with her extremely enlarged nostrils and transforms him into a mouse - at least one that thinks and speaks. Together with two other mouse-shaped children, he takes up the fight against the disgusting women. They are supported by the courageous grandmother, a lovingly drawn figure with herbal voodoo arts and a big heart for children.

The children's books by Roald Dahl (1916 to 1990) recently fell into oblivion, which could be due to the macabre and dark fantasies of the Englishman. However, the stories are peppered with so many wacky ideas and with so much humor that it is worth rediscovering them for readers who do not necessarily insist on a classic happy ending. It is the same with this film, which has been tailored to the viewing habits of today's target group using technical means.

In Nicolas Roeg's first film adaptation from 1990 (with Angelica Huston as head witch), Jim Henson designed the children, transformed into rodents, as puppets full of character. Now the mice shine with cute CGI perfection and are ideal for the young viewers to identify with. In general, "Witches witches" becomes more and more fun and exciting with the appearance of the mice than in the creepy first part of the story, in which the witches show their true form and the handwriting of co-screenwriter Guillermo del Toro ("Pan's Labyrinth") is revealed occurs. With "Hexen hexen" director Zemeckis has definitely succeeded in making a new film that is well worth seeing and full of wondrous facets.

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