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TOP 18 largest political blogs in Germany - Alexa Ranking January 2021

January 1, 2021, I present you the current statistics of the most widely read political, German-language blogs.

At the top of the table there is a lot of movement and one odd thing: achgut.com inexplicably falls from place 2 to place 11. For unclear reasons, pi-news also fell from place 200 to place 661 in a Germany-wide comparison of all Internet sites. This begs the question of whether Alexa could manipulate the data. I am looking forward to the next publication of data at similarweb, whether this also shows this relative change. Some blogs (e.g. netzpolitik) are listed again, others were removed from the table for the previous month due to insufficient coverage.

How to read the table: On the left is the ranking on the 1st of the month compared to all the political blogs listed here. On the right side is the ranking compared to all websites accessed from Germany.

Unfortunately, Alexa does not show the positions of small and medium-sized blogs country-specific. There may also be loopholes as in some months the blog was too far behind to get a placement.

Comparison with large media companies

For comparison, I am putting a second table online here, in which the number of clicks on blogs is compared with the Internet pages of some print media.

It is difficult to define what a political blog is. I choose everyone who blogs alone or as a community on their own platform and not on a page of a larger platform or media company. For additions and improvements to this list, please send an email: [email protected] (Unfortunately Telepolis cannot be listed because there are no figures listed separately from heise.de for the blog, sciencefiles is suggested to me more often, but currently has too few "clicks").