Wholesale suppliers of soccer goods

what you need to know

Usually you must trust your supplier. If you purchase from an Italian manufacturer or brand you can ask him for a signed declaration.

Most but all of the companies joining the ItalianModa B2B Marketplace manufacture their products in Italy. A few of them design and package the products in Italy, but most or the whole production is made elsewhere to have cheaper prices. In such a case the company will let you know this.

"Made in Italy" fashion products are really sought-after and very often the target of illegal activities. Many products currently available on the market come with brand names and labels remembering Italy (names, cities, monuments, colors of the Italian flag) but having nothing to do with our country. This is called "Italian sounding". You are deceived in thinking you are purchasing an Italian product.

An even more illegal behavior is the use of faked "Made in Italy" labels. This is a crime and a scam against consumers willing to buy a genuine Italian-made product and paying for it.

Fighting such an illegal situation (feeding unfair competition and also criminal or even terroristic organizations) is a must to preserve the future of the genuine "Made in Italy" production.

If you want to be sure of purchasing authentic Italian-made products you should ask your suppliers for products protected by the revolutionary TRUE ITALY Tag. The TRUE ITALY service (developed by ItalianModa.com) gives consumers the power to check personally and directly for the authenticity of the product, without simply trusting a label!

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