What does the pert formula stand for?

What does Formula 1 stand for? Kimi Raikkonen: It's normal

Motorsport-Magazin.com - 70 years of Formula 1. This is what the premier class will celebrate on the second race weekend in Silverstone. Instead of the Great Britain Grand Prix, the exact name of the second event in England is therefore '70th Anniversary Grand Prix 2020'. At the official FIA press conference on Thursday, the celebrations were first discussed by every team, and Iceman Kimi Räikkönen was particularly enthusiastic about it.

For what Formula 1 stands for him, so the question to the Finn. First of all, apparently for nothing. Kimi was silent for a few seconds. Probably to think about it. Exceptionally big words did not follow, but as always honest ones. "Something I've been doing for a few years," said Raikkonen dryly - and immediately took another short pause for thought.

Kimi Raikkonen: Formula 1 is not life

Kimi continues: “It was a big part of my life, but it's not life, if you understand. It's been almost 20 years now. Of course, I was gone for a few years and did something different. For me it's pretty normal now. Because I've been there for so long. Racing is the part that I like. The driving, the racing. The rest much less. That's it. "

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The Finn had been similar in an interview long before Motorsport-Magazin.com voiced. “It takes up a lot of our life, but it's not number one in life. There are more important things in life than Formula 1, ”Raikkonen told us in a curious interview via voice message during the Corona break.

Kimi Raikkonen: World Championship title with Ferrari, of course, the best moment

Raikkonen was only able to elicit a little more at Silverstone when it came to his own greatest moment in his career. “There were a lot of good moments. But of course to win the World Cup. That's the only reason we're here. In order to do well and win championships, maybe that's what it is with Ferrari, ”said the 40-year-old veteran.

Team-mate Antonio Giovinazzi returned more enthusiasm to the outside world. “For me, it's mainly passion. Ever since I started karting, it was always my dream to become a Formula 1 driver. I'm really proud to be here, as part of this short list. There are only 20 drivers. It is not easy to become a Formula 1 driver. I'm really happy to be here and compete with the best drivers in the world. "

Silverstone: Front wing damage at Alfa Romeo still unexplained

From a sporting point of view, this is currently only happening at Alfa Romeo at the end of the field. Neither Giovinazzi nor Raikkonen expect big jumps from one weekend to the next at Silverstone. The softer tire choice as a possible help? “It's the same for everyone,” Raikkonen said.

It is still unclear why at the end of the last race the front wing on the C39 brought Raikkonens away. “We don't know exactly yet. We know it broke, ”joked Raikkonen. “Why, that's still going on. We have to keep checking that and then make sure it doesn't repeat itself. "

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