What does it mean that Miley Cyrus is screaming

Miley Cyrus celebrates single life: strip show on Instagram

Miley Cyrus - Strip Show on Instagram

Pop brat Miley Cyrus (27) doesn't let anything burn at the moment. She is now celebrating her single life with a striptease. And shows it to all fans.

19.09.2020 - 10:21 p.m. Pop brat Miley Cyrus (27) is not getting anything wrong. After a ten-year on-and-off relationship with actor Liam Hemsworth (30), a summer affair with reality TV star Kaitlyn Carter (31) and a brief affair with Cody Simpson (23), Miley now presents her happy single -Live on Instagram.

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With a striptease! THAT is just allowed on Instagram. The former Disney darling is extremely revealing to 115 million followers. First the pants were unbuttoned ... Photo: instagram.com/mileycyrus In her story, Miley posts the strip show and films how she slowly unbuttoned her black leather pants and lasciviously takes off the T-shirt almost completely. Playfully she tousled in her short hair.

Then you can see them from the side - topless! She wraps her arm around her chest and bites her lip beguilingly. Her head moves sexy to the rhythm of the music. Also interesting ... then the top removed Photo: instagram.com/mileycyrus headtopics.com

Fans get the best view of the many tattoos on her body at the dim strip show. La Cyrus usually just holds his hands in front of his bosom so as not to violate Instagram's community guidelines.

On a little video she licks her lips and writes "Do you want to touch me?" In any case, the fans are divided: Some celebrate Miley for their Nackedei show. Others find this simply TOO revealing: “Miley, children are registered here” and “What's wrong with you?” Are two exemplary comments.

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here. The actress gave her striptease performance the following title: "Being single means having more time alone and filming myself stripping with Joan Jett". Read more: BILD »

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