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Ipsilon Berge - On to the big stick - walkthrough & game tips for Lost Odyssey

Table of Contents

  • Ipsilon Berge - Off to the Great Staff
  • The Ozena Free State of Numara / Room of the Philosopher
  • Old Magician's Estate
  • Back to Tosca - treasure hunt
  • Experimental Staff - Upper Department
  • Snow-covered path / frost road
  • Uhra, huge drain and treatment plant - rings to rob -
  • Uhra, sewer, huge drain
  • - 2nd way through the sewage -
  • Gohtzan refugee camp
  • Magic train accident site
  • The freedom of movement
  • Construction base large rod
  • Preparing for Eastern Ruins
  • Nautilus, treasures in the sea and the terrace caves
  • Ruins of the Eastern People Part I.
  • Ruins of the Eastern People Part II
  • Ruins of the Eastern People Part III
  • Old mage's estate
  • The Arthrosaurus of Numara
  • Numara, Kakanas and the White Boa
  • Explore the world perfect skills and magic
  • Pirates, Treasures and the Forgotten Cave
  • 3rd stop - lake and Kelolon village
  • Temple of Enlightenment, Part I.
  • Temple of Enlightenment, Part II
  • Temple of Enlightenment, Part III
  • Large bar - entrance area
  • Interesting and helpful rings for the finals as well as an efficiency bracelet
  • Large staff II and crystal fragment / general
  • Large Staff II / Enemy Information / Component Information
  • Big Staff II, Upper Link
  • The mirror tower in general

All game tips for Lost Odyssey

Game Tips: Walkthrough for Lost Odyssey

Ipsilon Berge - Off to the Great Staff

Protection state tutorial
Tutorial magic

Angel wing
Mana Herb x 2
Antidote x 2
Fire bomb
Power drink

Place seeds x 3 (1 x from the boss)
Seeds x 6

Cold water stone

Shield, White Magic St. 1

Search glasses
Knight's Code
Novice Earring (Black AND White Magic Lv. 1)

Dream: river migrant

Boss Grilgan

I have magma fragments and am making a flame ring. Then Flame Ring Ultra will be unlocked.

Now the world map is faded in and you can go to the highlands of Wohl again. If you want to. Otherwise it goes on into the Ipsilon mountains.

Protection status tutorial: SZ is explained during the first fight. It is said: if you hit the opponent, this increases the time it takes for the spell to be cast. This is called spell interference.

Abilities related to the protection state (wall) and the spell interference are:

Walla and Wall? Skills (commands) can be learned from Max. You can easily raise the wall during a fight, although I almost never use this feature.

Mental Strength 1 Reduces spell-speed interference caused by enemy attacks. Black Magic Level 6, Disruption Ability, Extends the time it takes an enemy to cast spells.

Activate Abilities: Spirit Magic "Faster" (Lv. 6) Reduces the time for a group member to activate abilities, not the time for spells. (Skills you can find under orders)


Tutorial spells: they can be bought in stores or learned as you level up. The tubs cannot be used automatically. Spells can only be used if you have the necessary skills. You can see the list of spells learned in the Spellbook menu. The required MP, casting time and characters capable of doing so are also displayed here.

The letters indicate the casting speed within a round. S is the fastest, and from A to H it slows down. The number shows how many rounds it takes for the spell to work.

Jensen will learn level 2 black magic here once he reaches level 10.
Jensen comes with stealing, black magic lv. 1 and white magic lv. 1. Jensen brings fire and air with him to black magic. For Black Magic Lv. 2, he brings sleep and prism with him. (Prisma is a non-element-based attack against all enemies. Cast time: 2C, which means that this spell cannot be cast in the first round without status improvements. Keep this in mind if you want to cast it and at the moment you have no way to to speed this up.)

Take a look at the spell book: So you don't have complete magic with black magic levels 1 + 2. You will soon find earth, and in the mines you will find water, which would then complete level 1. With black magic level 2 you are missing poison and protective shields. Poison is in the rest room in the construction base, which you will soon reach and Schildus and Barikadus can be found later either in the black market or in the sea of ​​Baus.

Jensen probably also comes with white magic, but he will never learn white magic above level 2. If he is to be able to perform spells at levels 3 - 8, he must wear the appropriate equipment.

If you want to train here, here are some hints on healing: Save and load restores health. Saves. Then press Y to go to the System / Quit Game menu and quit the game. You come back to the start screen. Now you load the game you just saved and the characters are in good health.

However, if you stay here at the entrance of the Ipsilon Mountains near the save point, the healing will go faster by walking out of the picture below. This is how you get to the world map. Press Y and you can save what completely heals your characters. Let Kaim and Seth learn everything Jansen can do by linking. It's quick here.

If you walk back and forth between the log cabin and the entrance, you can rest in bed in between and are also healed.

Combat system:
These mechanisms are not new:
You learn by getting FP so skill points.
You rank by getting experience points.

Take a look at the Status screen in the Y menu. There is the bar that shows you the experience, as well as the skill points. You can see a bar here (pretty much in the middle) for the experience. HERE the number never changes, there are ALWAYS 100 points that you need to climb. On the right you can see how many points you need to learn a skill. This also shows how many points you have already collected.

You should know the following important things
It is always the same amount that it takes to level up a character. It's always 100 XP. Experience points are not shown in the combat analysis that can be seen after the fight. You can recognize them if you remember how the exp was of a character.

The opponents leave different amounts of experience, but ALWAYS the same skill points. That means: if you want to learn skills, you should go to an area where you can defeat many opponents within a very short time.

If you want to rise, you should go to an area where you have heavy opponents. These two things are two different things.

Go to the menu with Y and go to Status. There you can see how many points you need for the individual things.

Stealing requires z. b. 5 FP. In a fight with several Kelolon all got 4 FP, i. H. 1 FP per opponent.

You can hit the GGÜ storage crystal against a tree and get 100 G
In the next area you hit a tree and get seeds. Healing medicine can be stolen from the Zweihorn and the Dagger Bird.

In the side arm you will find mana herbs AND magic earth

Further down the path: fire bomb and space seeds. The place seed is extremely important so that your immortals can equip more abilities.

Here is a cave with a knight's code, 2 x antidotes
Fire bomb in front of the hut, barricade
Components of iron sand and whetstone are left here by opponents.

Jansen learns fact analysis at level 13. This is the same trait that can be learned from the piece of equipment. Fact analysis reveals types and elements of enemies. So it's the same as Hawk's Eye. So you learn the skills from a person as well as from a piece of equipment. Listed here, the first being the equipment, the second being the skill learned by a mortal as they level up.

Search glasses (equipment) + status analysis (skills)? Reveals the HP and status of enemies
Hawk Eye (Equip) + Fact Analysis (Skill) - Reveals the types and elements of enemies
Treasure Glasses (Equipment) + Treasure Analysis (Skill) - Reveals items from an enemy

As already mentioned, you can also see bosses' data with it, so make use of the skills.

Mountain hut
You probably noticed that you have a new item in the item menu under Valuables. It is the pearl of darkness and it belongs to Jansen.

At night: Jansen is awake and thinking of something. He holds up the Pearl of Darkness that was in inventory ... Later that morning, examine the bedside table and you get shield, white spell. On the shelf is a guest book in which a guest gives a hint about the boss. He says the lord of the summit is flying around. (So ​​air opponent, weakness fire).

Take care of equipping your immortals' abilities. I. E. go to DETERMINE and equip level 1 black magic so that everyone has a fire attack, you might also need level 1 white magic because you have healing. Kriesen Vert. + is a good thing for Jansen. Feel free to give him the knight talisman so he can have this ability.

Turn on the light on the dresser, which is to the left of the exit, in front of which Seth stands and you will receive search glasses. Reveals the HP and status of enemies. You should also wear this equipment so that an immortal can learn it.
Ipsion mountains? summit

Destroy the pile of stones at the exit from the log cabin: mana herb. Jensen has a feeling for the weather, so. Sequence: Burg Uhra Burgsaal? Tolten gets food and a mouse as a taster

You get caught in a rainstorm and Kaim is barely making any headway. Make the map big, enlarge it with the? Back? Button to see exactly the way. You have to walk around the rocks on the path, the rocks are not shown on the map. As soon as it gets a little lighter, you will find another pile of stones. Here is healing medicine

Kaim also comes across a memory. The river migrants

Random Battles:
4 x Kelolon
80 TP
Type Kelolon, Elmt. water
So weakness is EARTH (earth versus water)
Kelolina comes as reinforcement

FP - 5 P
100 G
In total you get 12 rewards. ? if the characters are level 13

Three opponents: