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Football: rules simply explained

The aim, as mentioned above, is to score yards in order to get into the opponent's end zone. This can happen all at once or in small sequences, as just described. The points are scored and awarded as follows:

  • The Touchdown: He brings six points. If the ball is brought into the opponent's end zone by means of a run or a thrown pass, the team that does it receives six points.
  • The Extra point: After the touchdown, the team is entitled to a kick, it can one point can also be earned. The ball must be shot over the crossbar of the opponent's "goal". This ball must also pass between the goal posts.
  • The Two point conversion: In the rare type of game, the team waives the extra kick and plays a touchdown again. If this succeeds, however, the team only receives two points instead of the six as in the normal touchdown. However, there is no extra point afterwards.
  • The Field goal: The rules for this shot are the same as for the Extra Point, but for a field goal there are out of the game three points, instead of the one point. If ten yards cannot be achieved in the third attempt and the offense is within range of the opposing goal, either a fourth attempt can be started or the offense can decide to use this move as a shot on goal. The so-called field goal must be completed with the fourth attempt.
  • The Safety point: For this variant there is two points. It comes about when it is possible to push the player of the offense back into his end zone. If this succeeds, even the defense can score. Then the ball is kicked back to the attacking team from its own 20-yard line.